Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship

Submissions are now open for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Deadline for submission of the 2019 TBHF Scholarship application is by 5pm on Friday, February 1, 2019.

The Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation assists future business leaders with pursuing their degrees in Texas schools through a scholarship program.

TBHF Scholarship Application

The Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship is open to ALL UT Dallas Students—both Graduate and Undergraduate—as long as they meet the Eligibility Requirements.

Questions can be directed to tbhf-scholarship@utdallas.edu.

(Exceptions may be made for especially outstanding students. Financial need may be considered, but is not a requirement for application.)

  • Exhibits entrepreneurial aspirations and demonstrates a propensity for leadership and entrepreneurial achievements.
  • Is studying at an institution of higher learning in Texas, and enrolled in or associated with a business or entrepreneurship program.
  • Exhibits leadership traits in academic and campus activities.
  • Has outstanding moral character.
  • Good academic credentials (3.0 or above preferred, with strong affinity for entrepreneurship).
  • Graduate or Masters in Business/MBA students preferred. (Junior and senior business students will be considered if currently enrolled in STARTUP LAUNCH or if part of a team pursuing innovative and entrepreneurial business ventures.)
  • Will be enrolled for the 2019-2020 academic year at the designated school in which the scholarship will be awarded, except in special cases for non-standard academic programs, as approved by the Vice President of Scholarship (ex. Accelerated schedules 16-18 months; Executive MBA, evening or part-time, dual programs, etc.)
  • Is a U.S. Citizen, planning to pursue a long-term career in Texas (Non-citizens may apply if citizenship paperwork is being processed. NOTE: Applicant must be a US Citizen by the date of the 2nd Interview.)
  • Willing to personally complete the forms as requested.
  • Willing to travel for interviews as needed (at the candidate’s expense)
  • If selected, be a good steward of the TBHF Scholarship Program and maintain engagement through campus involvement, social media, attendance at area events, etc.
  • Able to attend the Annual Scholarship Luncheon and Induction Dinner on October 16, 2019 and is willing to adhere to specific Stewardship Provisions as described below.

    Stewardship Provisions

    Students selected for a Texas Business Hall of Fame (TBHF) Scholarship must be good stewards of the TBHF Scholarship Program at all times. They will be required to attend the Annual Scholarship Luncheon and Induction Dinner in San Antonio on October 16, 2019. On that day they will be expected to dress in business attire, conduct themselves appropriately and professionally, and remain fully engaged throughout the entirety of both events.

  1. Please submit the completed Scholarship Application Form with all supporting documents to the UT Dallas Jindal School of Management Dean’s Office (Attn: TBHF Scholarship Committee) in a packet/envelope or email to tbhf-scholarship@utdallas.edu by 5:00 pm on Friday, February 1, 2019.

    Supporting documents include:
    • A one page narrative (signed and dated) answering the question:
      How have you demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and business leadership, what are your future goals, and why do you plan to pursue a career specifically in Texas? You may also include a description of any current or upcoming business ideas or ventures.
    • Current Resume
    • Most Recent Transcript (electronic, scanned, and unofficial copies acceptable)
    • Professional Headshot
  2. Submitted applications will be reviewed by the UTD TBHF Scholarship committee.
  3. Potential candidates will be contacted for interview. Each interview will last 20-30 minutes.
  4. Finalists selected will be recommended to the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation for interview.
  5. Selection of the scholarship recipients is slated to be announced in May. Please note that participation in the final rounds of the selection process does not guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded.