Center for Information Technology and Management

The perpetual advancement of information technology results in a “moving target” for understanding how organizations can best evaluate, develop, implement, and leverage information technology. The Center for Information Technology and Management is chartered to

Though these activities and additional CITM-sponsored events and training, we seek to serve the IS practice by becoming a DFW IS “community of practice.”

  • Connect with the Director

Connect with the Director

Advances in health care (e.g., telehealth, EMR), retail (e.g., QR, self-service kiosks), agriculture (e.g., GPS and precision farming) and other industries are driven by the progression of technology and the clever application of this technology to domain specific opportunities. This application includes enduing challenges (e.g., adoption, project management) and topical interests (e.g., best uses of data visualization and NFC). Through the Center for Information Technology and Management we aim to advance industry’s ability to evaluate and deploy technology by applying academic research discipline to interests identified by those in practice, resulting in rigorous and relevant insight.

Kelly Slaughter Director, CITM