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Why Companies Work With UTDsolv?

UTDsolv, a business platform of Jindal School of Management develops innovative solutions to real-life business problems, particularly when companies have no available time and resources. UTDsolv connects companies with talented undergraduate business students and future entrepreneurs and leaders. Students work on projects throughout the semester as part of their capstone senior project in small groups and under the guidance of our faculty and company advisors.

Benefits to Companies

Let UTDsolv Develop a Solution to Your Business Problem!

We welcome companies to submit projects to UTDsolv, a business-resolution platform that aims to analyze your business problems and develop suitable solutions based on your predefined requirements.

  • Do you have several projects on the back-burner?
  • Do they need attention, but your company cannot allocate the time nor resources to them now?
  • Are you ready to find an innovative and alternative way to get the work done?
Submit Projects to UTDsolv Today

UTDsolv Process: How It Works!

  • Each project is completed in one semester (16 weeks – Fall semester projects begin in August, and spring semester projects begin in mid-January).
  • Each project starts after the faculty advisor and students work collaboratively with the client to determine the project scope.
  • The faculty assigns a group of 3-5 students to the project.
  • The client appoints a primary contact or a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to clarify requirements, facilitate communications and review weekly status reports. The client will receive a final PowerPoint presentation/report.

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Expectations From Clients

  • Respect UTDsolv processes and expectations
  • Maintain the original project scope at all times
  • Maintain a point of contact throughout the project
  • Hold a weekly/bi-weekly meeting with your student team
  • Provide necessary project data to students promptly
  • Respond promptly to student team inquiries
  • Guide students to a successful project delivery
  • Mentor students to be future leaders

UTDsolv Previous Projects

UTDsolv has worked with many companies in various areas (e.g., supply chain management, marketing, information technology, healthcare management, finance) and completed many related projects (e.g., Strategy and Growth, Information Technology, Data Analytics, Market Research and Analysis, Financial Modeling, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics).

The capstone senior project provides students the opportunity to develop business solutions while working with industry professionals and subject matter experts. At the end of the semester, students present their final solution to company’s senior management and will be graded based on the quality of their final report. Please contact us () if you have any questions.

Benefits to Students

  • Apply academic knowledge in business settings
  • Interact with faculty and industry experts
  • Learn to build strategies, concepts and suitable solutions
  • Obtain valuable practical experience and transferable/marketable skills

We would love to speak with you and learn more about your company and potential projects. Our creative and open-minded students are solving business problems and overcoming business challenges. We are here to help, so do not hesitate and contact us today. We will walk you through the process and start working on your business projects and developing suitable business solution.

David Parks, PhD Assistant Dean
UTDsolv, Capstone Senior Projects
(972) 883-5114JSOM 11.105B
Edwin Van Der Vlist Project Manager
UTDsolv, Capstone Senior Projects
(972) 883-5013 JSOM 11.105H

Company Related Questions

The purpose of the capstone senior project is to provide opportunities for JSOM students to test their knowledge of what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in an industry setting. The projects take place in an environment in which students can learn how to solve real-world problems that companies face in their daily operations. The projects also enable students and faculty to build stronger relationships with industry professionals.

UTDsolv is a business platform created by JSOM where companies can submit their projects and be connected to talented and entrepreneurial students who will undertake these assignments as part of their capstone senior project coursework.

You may reach out to us at any time

The UTDsolv project manager (PM ) serves as the liaison between the company and the project team and ensures that the project is progressing according to the requirements and schedule. Ultimately, the PM is responsible for the successful completion of the project.

Students participating in the UTDsolv capstone senior project are undergraduate senior year who have almost completed their coursework in one or more academic disciplines including accounting, business administration, global business, finance, healthcare management, human resource management, information technology and systems, marketing, and supply chain management.

Please contact the primary person assigned to your project or you can contact the UTDsolv directly.

All companies can submit a project to JSOM, including governmental and non-governmental agencies, nonprofit and for-profit companies, and universities.

Companies can simply submit their project online through UTDsolv. Submit a project now.

After companies have submitted their project online, the UTDsolv project manager begins the process by contacting the company to better understand the project’s scope and requirements, and set expectations. The PM consults with the JSOM faculty advisor, sets up a team of students and communicates the project’s objectives to the team.

The project will be completed in one semester (16 weeks).

When companies submit a project to UTDsolv, they must also designate a contact person able to devote one to three hours per week to the project and mentor a team of five students. The total amount of time may vary based on the nature and complexity of the project.

However, each project will be completed in one semester (16 weeks). Fall semester projects will begin in August, and spring semester projects will begin in January (UTDsolv is not available during the summer).

Overall, our faculty will work with you to better understand the scope of work and assign a group of senior students to work on the project. A primary point of contact needs to be assigned to UTDsolv to help with requirements, clarifications, communications, and to walk through each project phase.

Companies are expected to provide timely feedback to the project team, hold regular meetings (such teleconferences, videoconferencing, and more) and provide necessary guidance as the project progresses. Companies are also expected to be available for the final review and final presentation event at the end of the semester.

In case a project contains proprietary or confidential information, the faculty advisor and the project manager need to consult with the company and take appropriate measures (such as having participants sign a non-disclosure agreement, remove sensitive information in advance of the project, and more).

The faculty adviser works collaboratively with the client and the students to determine the scope of the project.

Students Related Questions

You may reach out to us at any time

Each student on the team is expected to spend approximately 10 hours a week on the project over the duration of a semester.

Most often, the project manager or the faculty advisor of the course allocates students to the projects. In some cases, students are encouraged to team up with students from other undergraduate programs within JSOM.

A project may relate to a specific business or company problem or to a specific major. Or it may be related to several academic disciplines.

Yes, after successful completion of the course, each student receives 3 semester credit hours.

The course is offered and conducted in JSOM in the fall and spring semesters.

Yes, but it is difficult because students need to dedicate a significant number of hours per week to both the project (at least 10 hours per week) and the internship (at least 20 hours per week). Thus, students are strongly discouraged from enrolling in both the capstone senior project course and the internship course in the same semester.