Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance

Carly Fiorina and Dr. Robert Potter
Renee Hornbaker, Joanne Caruso, Dennis McCuistion, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Marc Hodak
Niki McCuistion, Erica Yaegar, Jim Falk, Clifton Johnson

Excellence in Corporate Governance is an environment where the company has the people, resources, processes and culture to enable a thoughtful, proactive focus on strategy, customers, operations and risk and thus maximize the opportunity for successful results for all stakeholder groups. Excellence in Corporate Governance is the combined responsibility of the owners, managers and board of the company.

Purpose. Value creation for C-Suite executives and board members of public and private companies and nonprofit organizations provided through thought leadership and connecting people.

The Institute does this through:

  • Educational programs
  • A focus on future trends and board dynamics
  • A focus on public and private company governance as well as nonprofit board education
  • Sharing best practices
  • Networking
  • Board referrals and volunteer opportunities
  • Research

Upcoming Programs and Events

Jindal School Nonprofit Program Program

Half Day Nonprofit Program


Date: Fall 2019 – September 26, Communities Foundation of Texas, Dallas, Texas

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Program Overview
2019 Brochure

Spring 2020 program – February 18, 2020

Autumn Leaves

Breakfast Program

Upcoming dates: October 29, December 10
The Future of Work
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Executive Certificate

Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Governance

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Think Strategically • Govern Effectively • Operate Efficiently
Program Overview

| Modules 3-4 – 10/17/2019 | Modules 5-6 – 11/12/2019
Modules 1-2 – 1/14/2020 | Modules 3-4 – 3/3/2020 | Modules 5-6 – 5/5/2020

Jindal School IECG Conference speaker Max Hopper

18th Annual Corporate Governance Conference

Date: April 23, 2020
2019 Brochure
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Corporate Governance Conference photos
Corporate Governance Conference photos
Corporate Governance Conference photos

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