Center and Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics


Understanding Human Behavior in Economic Decision-Making Contexts

The Center and Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics (CLBOE) provides researchers in operations, economics and other social and management sciences with a laboratory environment in which the object of study can be manipulated in a controlled way (much as lab techniques are used in natural sciences).

The lab houses a computer network designed to simulate business activities such as markets and negotiations. Study subjects include auctions, inventory management, bargaining and dispute resolution, electronic markets, mechanism design and decision-support systems. UT Dallas faculty and students in the Jindal School of Management are welcome to use the CLBOE for research purposes. The CLBOE is also available to demonstrate games and markets to graduate students. First priority is given to research. Contact Us for more information.

Students Participate, Earn Cash and Help Science!

UT Dallas students from all departments and disciplines can sign up to participate in our experiments. Students will earn cash for their participation and benefit from a learning opportunity. Register to receive invitations for our forthcoming experimental sessions.

Seminars of Interest at UT Dallas

Welcome to Center and Laboratory of Behavioral Operations and Economics. Our intent is have a hub for researchers and maintain a professional lab for experiments. The center emphasizes the behavioral research that complements quantitative research and we encourage you to take advantage of our facility.

Gary E. Bolton, PhD Co-Director, Center and Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics (CLBOE)
Elena Katok, PhD Co-Director, Center and Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics (CLBOE)

A hub for researchers at the intersection of operations management, managerial economics and marketing.

Some of the best work in behavioral research comes from cross-pollination of concepts and methods (including outside the realm of research presently considered behavioral). The CLBOE encourages cross-pollinations through researcher networking, seminars, workshops and joint grant proposals, as well as through collaborative PhD mentoring.

Promote behavioral research that complements quantitative research.

Most important strides in behavioral research have resulted from a focus on testing quantitative models or from using behavioral findings to fashion new quantitative models. The center builds on UTD’s strength in a quantitative approach to research targeted to top journals.

Maintain a computer laboratory devoted to experimental testing.

The laboratory environment is controlled and can maintain conditions that are conducive to exploring new ideas and concepts. The lab is open to use by researchers across the Jindal School of Management and beyond.

Innovation for learning excellence.

The CLBOE actively promotes the transition of software and related tools from behavioral research to interactive learning tools for the classroom. The lab also provides research opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students through collaborative efforts with research faculty.

Resources for growth.

The CLBOE promotes grant proposals to national agencies such as the National Science Foundation and private agencies such as the Russell Sage Foundation.

Outreach and interaction with the business community.

An important trend in behavior research is the establishment of methods to translate basic research findings into applied science. CBLOE actively promotes connections with the Dallas business community.

Faculty Members
Name Position/Title
Gary E. Bolton Om Prakash Jindal Chair Professor of Managerial Economics Co-Director, Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics (LBOE)
Ernan E. Haruvy Professor of Marketing
Kyle Hyndman Associate Professor of Finance and Managerial Economics
Elena Katok Ashbel Smith Professor of Operations Management Co-Director, Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics (LBOE)
Özalp Özer Ashbel Smith Professor of Management Science
Anyan Qi Assistant Professor of Operations Management
Simon Siegenthaler Associate Professor of Economics
Doctoral Students
Name Position/Title
Jiayu Chen Doctoral Student, Operations Management
Wen Zhang Doctoral Student, Operations Management
Blair Flicker Doctoral Student, Operations Management
Name School/University
Rajshree Agarwal R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland at College Park
Dan Ariely The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Michael Becker-Peth Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne, Germany
Damian R. Beil Ross School of Business, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Uri Ben-Zion Economics Department, Ben Gurion University, Israel
Jordi Brandts Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, UAB, Spain
Gary B. Charness Department of Economics, University of California at Santa Barbara
Kay-Yut Chen University of Texas at Arlington
James C. Cox Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University
Rachel Croson Michigan State University
Andrew M. Davis Samuel C. Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University
Arnaud DeBruyn ESSEC Business School, France
Karen Donohue Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
Wedad Elmaghraby R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland at College Park
Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans College of Business at Illinois, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Uri Gneezy Rady School of Management, University of California at San Diego (La Jolla)
Ben Greiner University of Vienna
Glenn W. Harrison J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University
Sandy D. Jap Goizueta Business School, Emory University
Emin Karagozoglu Department of Economics, Bilkent University, Turkey
Anthony M. Kwasnica Smeal College of Business, The Pennsylvania State University
Kathleen McGinn Harvard Business School, Harvard University
Axel Ockenfels Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne, Germany
Tava Olsen Business School, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Elie Ofek Harvard Business School, Harvard University
Valery Pavlov Business School, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Peter T.L. Popkowski Leszczyc Department of Marketing, Business Economics and Law, University of Alberta, Canada
Yufei Ren Department of Economics, Union College
Alvin E. Roth Stanford University
Timothy C. Salmon Department of Economics, Southern Methodist University
Kenneth L. Schultz Department of Operational Sciences, Air Force Institute of Technology
Enno Siemsen University of Wisconsin
Dale O. Stahl Economics Department, University of Texas at Austin
Ulrich W. Thonemann Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne, Germany
Achim Wambach Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung GmbH (ZEW)
Zhixi Wan University of Oregon
Peter Werner Maastricht University
Yan (Diana) Wu School of Business, University of Kansas
Muhamet Yildiz Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cesar Zamudio Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis
Yanchong (Karen) Zheng MIT Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rami Zwick The A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, University of California at Riverside

The Center and Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics (LBOE) at the Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas is privileged to host academic experts in behavioral research presenting their latest work on the most relevant topics facing our discipline today. The LBOE Seminars are held every Monday 11:30 AM -1:00 PM in JSOM 11.214 Fall and Spring semester.

For information about attending, please contact Joan Besch.

Current Academic Year

Fall 2019
Date Name Affiliation Title
09/23/2019 Dennis Zhang Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School Customer Choice Models versus Machine Learning:
Finding Optimal Product Displays on Alibaba
09/30/2019 Andrew Davis Cornell University, SC Johnson College of Business Managing Multilocation Demand in Supply Chains:
An Experimental Investigation
10/07/2019 Erik Snowberg California Institute of Technology Loss Attitutdes in the U.S. Population:
Evidence from Dynamically Optimized Sequential Experimentation (DOSE)
11/11/2019 Zana Cranmer Bentley University Use less and green the rest:
Lowering barriers to energy efficiency and renewable energy
11/18/2019 Cary Frydman University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business Efficient Coding and Risky Choice
12/02/2019 Alexander Brown Texas A&M University

Fall 2018
Date Name Affiliation Title
11/12/18 Hyun-soo Ahn University of Michigan Capturing Consumer & Firm Behavior in OM Models
11/17/18 Basak Kalkanci Georgia Institute of Technology Bounded Rationality and Reference Dependence in Supply Chain Interactions
11/26/18 Leeat Yariv Princeton University Testing the Waters: Behavior across Participant Pools
Spring 2019
Date Name Affiliation Title
02/18/19 Christine Exley Harvard Business School Persistently Insecure: the gender gap in self-esteem
02/25/19 Ellen Peters Ohio State University Being objectively numerate is not enough: Good financial and medical outcomes depend on numeric confidence
03/04/19 Barry Sopher Rutgers University Intertemporal Planning with Subjective Uncertainty, or Anticipating Your Lazy, Disorganized Self
03/11/19 Evgeny Kagan Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Designing Incentives in Startup Teams: Form and Timing of Equity Contracting
03/25/19 David Rand Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fighting misinformation on social media using crowdsourced wisdom of new source quality and Lazy, not biased: Susceptibility to partisan fake news is better explained by lack of reasoning than motivated reasoning
04/01/19 Kaj Thomsson Maastricht University Holding on? Ethnic divisions, political institutions and the duration of economic declines
04/08/19 Matthew Walker Durham University Trust Mechanisms and Moral Hazard Mitigation in Procurement
04/15/19 Shervin Tehrani University of Texas at Dallas A Heuristic Approach to Explore: The Value of Perfect Information
04/22/19 Isabel Trevino University of California, San Diego Information choice, transparency, and coordination: An experimental study
04/29/19 Aly Megahed IBM 2019 INFORMS Franz Edelman Award for Achievements in Advanced Analytics, Operations Research and Management Science

Fall 2017
Date Name Affiliation Title
09/18/17 Yulia Vorotyntseva and Sina Shokoohyar University of Texas at Dallas Can Managers Plan Assortments? An experimental study and Project Management uner Risk-Sharing Contracts
09/25/17 David V. Budescu Fordham University Identifying Expertise and the Wisdom of Selected Crowds
10/02/17 Keith Ericson Boston University Liquidity Constraints and the Value of Insurance
10/09/17 Pelin Pekgun University of South Carolina Does Forecast-Accuracy Based Allocation Induce Customers to Share Truthful Order Forecasts?
11/06/17 Julian Romero University of Arizona Constructing Strategies in the Indefinitely Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma Game
11/27/17 Ozge Sahin Johns Hopkins University Conditional Promotions and Consumer Overspending
Spring 2018
Date Name Affiliation Title
01/16/18 Drew D. Creal University of Chicago Multihorizon currency returns and Purchasing Power Parity
01/29/18 Sally Sadoff University of California San Diego Improving College Instruction through Incentives
02/05/18 Mirko Kremer Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Mismanaging the quality-speed tradeoff in congested environments
02/12/18 Charles Noussair University of Arizona Mismanaging the quality-speed tradeoff in congested environments
04/02/18 Raymond Fisman Boston University The stability of distributional preferences
04/09/18 Pietro Ortoleva Princeton University Competing Models
04/16/18 Kent Grayson Northwestern University Agency Relationships At 20,000 Feet
04/23/18 Tom Tan Southern Methodist University At Your Service on the Table: Impact of Tabletop Technology on Restaurant Performance

Fall 2016
Date Name Affiliation Title
09/12/16 Jason Shachat Durham University The Market Allocation of Strategic Positions and the Destruction of Trust
09/19/16 Yefim Roth Technion – Israel Instititue of Technology Click or Skip: The Role of Experience in Easy-Click Checking Decisions
09/26/16 Ragan Petrie George Mason Time to Give: A Field Experiment on intertemporal Charitable Giving
10/03/16 Bhatia Sudeep University of Pennsylvania Studying Everyday Multiattribute Choice
10/10/16 Karthik Ramachandran Georgia Institute of Technology Dynamics of Delegated Search
10/17/16 Emily Choi University of Texas at Dallas Trust Among Executives
10/24/16 Guillaume Frechette New York University Rules and Commitment in Communication
10/31/16 PhD Student Presentations University of Texas at Dallas Social Information and Gender Differences in Competitive Preferences and
Stock Options in Executive Compensation Given Firm Competitions
11/07/16 Dan Benjamin University of South California Reconsidering Risk Aversion
11/28/16 Xenophon Koufteros Texas A&M University Supply Management & Ethical Decision Making: A Behavioral Experiment
12/05/16 John Duffy University of California – Irvine Adoption of a New Payment Method: Theory and Experimental Evidence
Spring 2017
Date Name Affiliation Title
02/20/17 Ragan Petrie Texas A&M University Time to Give: A Field Experiment on Intertemporal Charitable Giving
02/27/17 Justin Sydnor University of Wisconsin – Madison Simplifying Health Insurance Choice with Consequence Graphs
03/20/17 Achal Bassamboo Northwestern University Learning from Inventory Availability Information: Field Evidence from Amazon
03/27/17 Ryan Buell Harvard Business School Surfacing the Submerged State: Operation Transparency Increases Trust in and Engagement with Government
04/03/17 Cary Deck University of Arkansas ; Fayetteville The Effect of Different Cognitive Manipulations on Decision Making
04/10/17 PhD Student Presentations Integrating Managerial Insight and Optimal Algorithms and On the value of added surcharge
04/17/17 Ozge Sahin Johns Hopkins University Conditional Promotions and Consumer Overspending

Spring 2016
Date Name Affiliation Title
02/01/16 Jordan Tong University of Wisconsin Bounded Cognition and Representatives in Forecasting
02/08/16 Corinne Low University of Pennsylvania Pricing the Biological Clock: Reproductive Capital on the US Marriage Market
02/15/16 Rudy Santore University of Tennessee, Knoxville Whistle-blowers, Amnesty, and Managerial Fraud: An Experimental Investigation
02/22/16 Kalyan Chatterjee Pennsylvania State University Bilateral trading and incomplete information: The Coase conjecture in a small market
04/11/16 Tracy Liu Tsinghua University/University of Arkansas Selling Multiple Units: An Experimental Study
04/25/16 Victoria Prowse Cornell University First-place loving and last-place loathing: How rank in the distribution of performance affects effort provision
Fall 2015
Date Name Affiliation Title
08/24/15 Wolfgang Luhan University of Bochum Am I my peer’s keeper?
Social Responsibility in Financial Decision Making
09/14/15 Tony Kwasnica Pennsylvania State University Aggregate Sentiment and Investment:
An Experimental Study

09/21/15 Peter Coles eBay Income Mobility and Distribution in E-Commerce:
The Case of eBay Sellers
09/28/15 Yesim Orhun University of Michigan Reciprocating to Strategic Kindness
10/05/15 Diana Wu University of Kansas Power and Fairness
10/12/15 Eugen Dimant University of Paderborn and Harvard On Peer Effects: Behavioral Contagion of (Un)Ethical
Behavior and the Role of Social Identity
11/16/15 Guillaume Roels UCLA Anderson School of Management The Design of Experimental Services with Acclimation and Memory Services with Acclimation and Memory Decay: Optimal Sequence and Duration

Fall 2015 LBOE Seminars
Date Name Affiliation
08/31/2015 Wolfgang J. Luhan University of Bochum
09/14/15 Anthony Kwasnica PennState University
09/21/15 Peter Coles Ebay
09/28/15 Yesim Orhun University of Michigan
10/05/15 Diana Wu University of Kansas
10/12/15 Eugen Dimant University of Paderborn & Harvard University
11/16/15 Guillaume Roels UCLA Anderson School of Management

Date Name Affiliation
10/06/2014 Sarah Jacobson Williams College
10/13/2014 Min Ding Pennsylvania State University
Artificial Empathy
10/20/2014 Ellen P. Green Arizona State University
10/27/2014 Bahriye Cesaret The University of Texas at Dallas
A Behavioral Study of Capacity Allocation in Revenue Management
11/03/2014 Yaroslav Rosokha Purdue University
11/10/2014 Jason Aimone Baylor University
11/17/2014 Basak Kalkanci Georgia Tech University
12/01/2014 Anya Samek University of Wisconsin-Madison
03/02/2015 Nikolay Osadchiy Emery University
Behavioral Anomalies in Consumer Wait-or-Buy Decisions and Their Implications for Market Management
03/09/2015 Christos A. Ioannou University of Southampton
An Experimental Study of Uncertainty in Coordination Games
03/23/2015 Karen Y. Zheng MIT Sloan School of Management
03/30/2015 Danila Serra Southern Methodist University
04/06/2015 Sheen S. Levine University of Texas at Dallas
04/13/2015 John H. Kagel Ohio State University
04/20/2015 Yesim Orhun University of Michigan
04/27/2015 Diana Wu University of Kansas

Date Guest Lecturer Presentation Title
04/28/2014 Tanjim Hossain, University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.
04/07/2014 Xuanming Su, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.
03/24/2014 Anna Popova A Multi-Peaked Model of Preferences
03/17/2014 Erkut Ozbay, University of Maryland, Department of Economics How Do Elected and Appointed Policymakers Act When in Office? Experimental Evidence on Citizens, Candidates, and Leaders.
03/03/2014 Saurabh Bansal, PennState’s SMEAL College of Business
02/24/2014 Rami Zwick, University of California, Riverside; School of Business Administration “Pay What You Want” as Threshold Public Good Provision
02/17/2014 Tim Salmon, Southern Methodist University’s Department of Economics Sabotage vs Discouragement: Which Dominates Post Promotion Tournament Behavior?
02/10/2014 Bernhard Ganglmair, The University of Texas at Dallas, Naveen Jindal School of Management Dynamic Information Sharing: An Experiment
02/03/2014 Jordi Brandts, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Stand by Me: Experiments on Help and Commitment in Coordination Games
01/27/2014 Andy Schotter, New York University, Center for Experimental Social Science Matching and Chatting: An Experimental Study of the Impact of Network Communication on School-Matching Mechanisms
12/02/2013 Tony Cui, University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management Fairness Ideals in Distribution Channel
11/18/2013 Avi Goldfarb, University of Toronto; Rotman School of Management When to Exit: Limited Rationality in Firm Decisions
11/11/2013 Noah Myung, Naval Postgraduate School The Combinatorial Retention Auction Mechanism
11/04/2013 Anton Ovchinnikov, University of Virginia, Darden School of Business Insights in ‘Environmental Taxes and the Choice of Green Technology’ and ‘Coordinating Pricing and Supply of Public Interest Goods Using Rebates and Subsidies’
10/28/2013 Zhixi Wan, University of Illinois, College of Business Using Procurement Service Providers in Supplier Screening
10/21/2013 John Morgan, University of California, Berkeley; Haas School of Business Strategic and Natural Risk in Entrepreneurship: An Experimental Study.
10/14/2013 Yan Chen, University of Michigan, School of Information From Boston to Chinese Parallel to Deferred Acceptance: Theory and Experiments on a Family of School Choice Mechanisms
09/30/2013 Lijia Tan, Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics, China. An experimental investigation of auctions and bargaining in procurement
09/23/2013 Kay-Yut Chen, HP Labs Bounded Rationality in Operations: Theory, Experiment, and Practice
09/09/2013 Weded Elmaghraby, University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business The Impact of Starting Price and Inventory on Auction Prices: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Online B2B Secondary Market Auctions

Date Guest Lecturer
11/13/2012 Ben Greiner (UNSW), 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m., JSOM 1.302
“Bargaining, Asymmetric Information and Communication An Experiment”
11/12/2012 Enno Siemsen (University of Minnesota), 11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m., JSOM 1.517
“The Sum and Its Parts: A Behavioral Investigation of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Forecasting Processes”
10/19/2012 Damian Beil (University of Michigan), 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m., JSOM 2.115
“The Role of Cost Modeling in Competitive Bid Procurement”

How to conduct an experiment at LBOE

Faculty from the Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas, as well as colleagues at other institutions, are welcome to use the LBOE for their research. LBOE is also available to demonstrate games and markets to MS, MBA and PhD students. Please start by reading the Laboratory Usage Guidelines document.

If you want to conduct research at LBOE facilites, after your research is approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), please contact a LBOE co-director to request authorization to use the lab facilities. After your request has been approved, you will be able to Login and sign up to conduct an experiment.