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Master of Science Programs

Jindal School of Management Master of Science students in the classroom

The Naveen Jindal School of Management offers many innovative MS programs for individuals seeking to enhance their careers. Our MS programs represent an outstanding educational value, offering a private school setting and class sizes at state university prices. Since most master’s students at UT Dallas already are fully employed, classes are offered in the evening to accommodate work schedules.

Master of Science Programs

STEM-designated MS Programs

Economic Value of Obtaining an MS Degree

In today’s economy, employers are demanding the master’s degree for many of their growing professional and leadership roles. According to Forbes, economists and other scholars have documented substantial salary premiums, economic opportunities, and benefits for master’s degree study – and these human capital benefits are only increasing.

The report indicates that virtually all of the growth in the salary premium, attributable to college education over the last decade was due to advanced degrees, with holders of advanced degrees currently earning a 30% wage premium on average over those with only a bachelor’s degree. The reports also states that the unemployment rate for individuals holding a master’s degree was only 3.4% in 2013, compared to 6.1% for all workers based on the U.S. Department of Labor data.

No Ordinary MS Degree Programs

We pride ourselves on providing the best student experience with many opportunities beyond the classroom curricular activities. These engagement opportunities include:

  • Career networking opportunities through more than 35 student organizations
  • Career management center exposes students to employers and network-boosting opportunities
  • Connections to alumni from across the world
  • Scholarships opportunities
  • Faculty mentor and peer-to-peer mentor programs
  • Local and national case competitions
  • Study abroad trips and programs to grow students’ global perspective