Student Resources

jindal school student resources banner
The Jindal School provides considerable resources to all JSOM students.


Student Resources include assistance with course registration and degree audits through the JSOM advising office.

Academic Support

Students can get academic support through a number of tutoring labs, including the accounting, excel and finance trading labs.

Student Experience

To complement their academic degrees, students can engage in many co-curricular experiences, such as student organizations, business competitions, global experience programs and the JSOM Living Learning Community. Each of these provide a rich environment where students can learn from each other, engage in spirited competition and learn each other and from guest speakers.

Career Management

The most critical student resource available to all students is the Jindal School Career Management Center located on the second floor of our annexed building. The CMC provide a rich array of engagement opportunities where students can prepare for their internship and final placement positions as well as to enhance their professional development skills via workshops, mock interviews and employer supported events.

Technology and Facilities

For technical assistance or for information about physical resources, students can reach out to our Technology and Facilities Services Unit which is located just outside the elevators on the second floor.