International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis

International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis

Risk Management is a growing and highly-relevant field of study. While probability and statistics are the primary quantitative techniques of Risk Management, there are many other techniques (such as optimization, decision theory, control theory, and game theory) which play an essential role in managing risk. The goal is to build the knowledge and application of such techniques with attention to the interdisciplinary aspects. The mission is to develop Risk Management as a comprehensive scientific discipline that provides methods, concepts and techniques to deal with uncertainties in decision-making.

What We Do

The research at ICDRiA primarily involves risk management related to industrial projects involving new technology, new applications and markets, and large investments. These projects are funded by commercial markets, such as telecommunications, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, or by the public sector such as defense, space and energy.

Our approach is to develop relevant models—validated by practitioners—to derive concepts and results which help to understand the impact of uncertainties. We provide useful, tested tools for mitigating risks and decision-making. We focus on the situation of several players, with various possibilities of rules of game.

One can see that Risk and Decision Analysis is a comprehensive emerging new discipline in full development, and our objective at ICDRiA is to be a major contributor to its progress. We do so by leveraging the large expertise in Operations Management, Information Systems and Finance among others in the Jindal School of Management and by cooperating with other schools at UT Dallas (in particular the School of Engineering), other universities, government agencies and industry counterparts.

We currently develop research in the following domains:

  • Risk in Cybersecurity
  • Risk and Uncertainty in Alternative Energies
  • Risk in Financial and Economic Decisions
  • Risk and Uncertainty in Supply Chain
  • Risk in Information Systems
  • Risk in Engineering
Alain Bensoussan, PhD Director, ICDRiA
Sumit Sarkar, PhD Academic Director, ICDRiA

Current Projects

Title: New Problems in Mean Field Control Theory
Sponsor: NSF
Mean field theory has raised a lot of interest in recent years, the applications concern approximating an infinite number of players with common behavior by a representative agent.

Title: Metrics and Analysis for Privacy-Preserving Technique
Sponsor: DARPA
The aim of privacy preserving data mining algorithms is to extract relevant knowledge from large amounts of data while protecting sensitive information at the same time.

Title: OCRIS – Open Collaboration Research Infrastructure
Sponsor: NSF
Invited by Purdue University to join their NSF proposal that tries to build open data sharing and mining platform for social science research.

Previous Partners

  • EDF is the world’s leading nuclear energy company with a focus on investment in sustainable industrial growth. ICDRiA and EDF partner on a research project focused on uncertainties in wind energy.
  • The CEA is a leader in research, development and innovation, the CEA has interests in the domain of risk analysis and is currently supporting ICDRiA’s research and projects on the ruin of structures.
  • Blueline/Rediform is one of Canada’s largest producers of business forms, planners and accounting supplies. Blueline/Rediform partnered with the International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis (ICDRiA) for research focused on forecasting demand and optimal ordering.
  • EADS, the European leader in aeronautics, defense and space, partners with the center to provide concrete experience on risk management in projects involving highly innovative technology.
  • HP (EDS), a leader in the information technology industry, provided ICDRiA with industry experience in risk management approaches.
  • Essilor, the world’s leading provider of eyeglass lenses, provided ICDRiA with concrete problems in supply chain management and treatment of uncertainties.
  • ESA, the European counterpart to NASA and leader in risk management standards for space missions agency supported ICDRiA in risk analysis studies.
  • FX-Conseil, a subsidiary of Fondation de l’Ecole Polytechnique, is in charge of promoting research and transfer. Through the support of the French Ministry of Research, FX-Conseil provided ICDRIA with support for risk management research and consulting.
  • Future Wei, a dynamic new player in the field of telecommunications from China, provided ICDRiA with interesting and concrete problems related to the company’s specific risks and challenges.
  • The National Science Foundation (NSF) provided support to ICDRiA from 2005 to 2009 for research related to inventory control with partial observations and inspections. From 2007 to 2011, NSF supported research related to the ruin of mechanical structures subjected to vibrations. This project was jointly supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • Texas Instruments (TI) has a longstanding partnership with UT Dallas. TI has members on ICDRiA’s advisory board and has a strong interest in the center’s research concerning inventory management with partial information.
  • Center for Intelligent Supply Networks (C4ISN) is a research center within the UTDallas School of Management and partners with ICDRiA on projects related to risks in supply chain management.

Industry Members

  • Rob Bergeron, TRWD/DWU Integrated Pipeline Project
  • Aditya Bhaiji, Comerica
  • Dennis Black, VP, Model Development, Comerica
  • John Carrier, Deputy CEO for R& D
  • Jean-Marc Chemla, Financial Advisor, CRPC
  • Nirmala Adhikari Devkota, VP, Enterprise Risk, Model Development Officer,Comerica
  • Bishoram Guragai, Controller, DesigneRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Monty Humble, Managing Director
  • Sudhanshu Jain, Transaction Services
  • David Kohl , CPCU
  • Bill Krenik, CTO – TI – High Volume Linear Products
  • Tahar Mjigal, TAdj. Lecturer – Finance & Managerial Economics & Tech. Analyst & Risk Mgr, ICMC and GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals)
  • Ashok Mukherjee, CEO – Modria, Inc.
  • Laslo Olah, President, CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board of Texas Institutue of Science.
  • Daniel Parry, Chief Credit Officer
  • Arun Ratnam, Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) Committee Member
  • Ray Russo , Acting Director of Programs for the Southwest Division, U.S. Army Air Corp, Dallas, Texas
  • David Shaw, Co-Founder & Sr. Vice-President, Astrapi
  • Yoram Solomon, Creativity & Innovaoni Coach at Large Scale Creativity and PISD – Plano Independent School District Board Trustee
  • Laura Stark, Stark Energy Econ, LLC
  • Vinod Sutaria , VP Operational Risk Mgr Comerica
  • Greg Turi, Sr, Demand Planner, Automotive Division, Valspar Corp.
  • Jean Paul Vignal , JP2 Consultants
  • Chris White, President of ViaSim Solutions

Academic Affiliate Members

  • Alain Bensoussan, Ashbel Smith Professor, Dir of International Decision & Risk Analysis Center
  • Alexandre Brouste, Professeur, Le Mans Université
  • Metin Cakanyildirim, Professor, Operations Management
  • Huseyin Cavusoglu, Associate Professor, Information Systems
  • Ron Dearing, Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Carol Flannery, Sr. Lecturer, Operations Management
  • Bruce Gnade, Distinguished Chair in Microelectronics, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering Material Science
  • Ganesh Janakiraman, Professor, Operations Management
  • Murat Kantarcioglu, Professor, Dir. of UTD Data Security and Privacy Lab
  • Elena Katok, Ashbel Smith Professor, The Center and Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics, OM
  • Robert Kieschnick, Assoc. Professor, Finance and Managerial Economics
  • Syam Menon, Associate Professor Information Systems
  • Radha Mookerjee, Clinical Professor, Information Systems
  • Vijay Mookerjee, Charles and Nancy Davidson Chair in Information Systems, Prof. of Information Systems
  • Alp Muharremoglu, Associate Professor, Operations Management
  • Mihai Nadin, Ashbel Smith Professor, Interactive Arts, Technology and Computer Science
  • Ozalp Ozer, Ashbel Smith Professor of Management Sciences
  • Hasan Pirkul, Dean, Naveen Jindal School of Management
  • Anyan Qi, Assistant Professor Operations Management
  • Suresh Radhakrishnan, Constatine Konstans Distinguished Prof. of Acct. & Corporate Governance Accounting
  • Srinivasan Raghunathan, Associate Professor
  • Divakar Rajamani, Clinical Professor Operations Management
  • Mario Rotea, Professor &ampersand; Program Head
  • Sumit Sarkar, Charles and Nancy Davidson Chair in Information Systems, Professor of Information Systems / Academia Director of ICDRiA
  • Suresh Sethi, Eugene McDermott Chair and Professor Operations Management, Director of C4iSN
  • Rajiv Shah, Clinical Prof, Dir. MS Systems & Engineering & Mgmt Organizations, Strategy & International Mgmt
  • Jonathan Shapiro, Office of Research, Director of Cybersecurity Business Development
  • Kathryn Stecke, Ashbel Smith Professor Operations Management
  • Bhavani Thuraisingham, Louis A. Beecheri, Jr I, Distinguished Prof. in Dept. of CS & Exec. Dir., Cyber Security Research Inst.
  • Janos Turi, Professor of Mathematics
  • Sagar (Mathukumalli) Vidyasagar, Cecil & Ida Green Chair in Systems Biology Science
  • Hobson Wildenthal, Executive VP & Provost
  • Eric Zheng, Professor, Information Systems


  • Charles Tapiero
  • Leung Lung Chan
  • Nadir Farhi
  • Hector Jasso-Fuentes
  • Celine Ho
  • Arash Komaee
  • Laslo Kovacs
  • Andrew Royal
  • Ioane Muni Toke
  • Jens Voelgesang
  • Tridib Bandopadhyay
  • Karthik Chandrasekaran
  • Anshuman Chutani
  • Nagihan Comez
  • Emre Demirel
  • Zoltan Dombovari
  • Qi (Annabelle) Feng
  • Arash Komaee
  • Attila Kossa
  • Laurent Mertz
  • Lama Moussawi
  • Ruixia Shi
  • Denes Takacs
  • Ambrus Zelei
  • Xuying (Daisy) Zhao
  • Nathan Glatt-Holtz
  • Zhong Feng Yan


  • Meng Li
  • Shaokuan Chen
  • Sandun Perera
  • Sonny Skaaning


  • Prof Huaming Song
  • Prof Laurent Mertz
  • Dr. Benoit Chevalier-Roignant
  • Prof Ming Zhou


  • Sonny Skaaning, PhD Candidate – Mathematics
  • Bharadway Kadiyala, PhD Candidate – Operations Management
  • Shaokuan Chen, PhD Candidate – Operations Management
  • Dayou Cheng, Visiting Scholar
  • P. Jameson Graber, Visiting Professor of Mathematics, UTDallas
  • Yulia Vorolyntseva, PhD Candidate – Operations Management
  • Karen Decker, ICDRiA

Activity Reports

The Activity Report is an annual account of the research projects, education programs, and progress at ICDRiA. For inquiries, please contact Karen Decker.


The following presentations are resources from talks given by ICDRiA affiliates and guest lecturers. If you are seeking material from a talk which is not posted below, please contact Karen Decker.

News Archive

RICHARDSON, Texas (June 11, 2011)—ICDRiA is awarded a renewed contract with CEA, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives). The partnership between ICDRiA and CEA began in 2005 and is now extended through 2013.

The CEA is active in four main areas: low-carbon energies, defense and security, information technologies and health technologies. In each of these fields, the CEA maintains a cross-disciplinary culture of engineers and researchers, building on the synergies between fundamental and technological research.

The research performed at ICDRiA is related to seismic risk on structures such as nuclear power facilities. Several PhD and post-doctoral researchers have been supported under this project and are now anticipating the continuation of critical collaboration with engineers at CEA.

RICHARDSON, Texas (February 1, 2011)—ICDRiA recently signed a contract with Électricité de France (EDF) to study uncertainties related to wind-power production. ICDRiA researchers will use their expertise to model randomness and forecasting.

EDF is France’s second largest utility company and the world’s leading nuclear energy company. The contract will run through 2013.

RICHARDSON, Texas (November 30, 2010)—J. Chris White has joined The International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis (ICDRiA) in the School of Management at The University of Texas at Dallas. Mr. White is President of ViaSim Solutions and will serve as ICDRiA’s Director of Development.

Mr. White brings extensive experience in Risk Management to ICDRiA. He served as Vice President of Operational Risk Management at Bank of America, where he developed models and simulations to help the bank understand the short-term and long-term risks associated with strategic decisions. He was also Director of Program Management at Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI), where he developed several program management (PM) simulation tools for the defense acquisition community under the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program and commercial ventures.

Mr. White’s role at ICDRiA is to establish industry contacts in Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Director of ICDRiA, Dr. Alain Bensoussan, stated, “[Mr. White’s] expertise fits particularly well with the goals of the center, and we are pleased he has accepted the position. ICDRiA continues to grow, and Chris’ efforts are very important for building on this momentum.”

RICHARDSON, Texas (March 17, 2010)— The International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis (ICDRiA) is partnering with the international community to organize a research forum hosted at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, China, from December 15 to 17, 2010. The forum, titled “What can the Academic Community learn from the global crisis?” is intended to encourage scientists to look at the global crisis as an opportunity as well as a necessity for the evolution of models, concepts and transfer actions.

“The cooperation between economists and mathematicians is a key factor to accomplish an understanding of the new situation arising from the global crisis. The Academic Community has to draw lessons from the global crisis and stir its own evolution for the benefit of our societies. This forum is an example of the will to be proactive and to fulfill our commitments to our stakeholders, in particular, our students,” says Dr. Alain Bensoussan, Director of ICDRiA.

New York University, College de France, INRIA, and Shandong University are among the institutions that joined Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Texas at Dallas and Ajou University to sponsor the research forum.

IOS Press will publish a special issue of the journal Risk and Decision Analysis devoted to articles resulting from the forum.

RICHARDSON, Texas (October 30, 2009)— A tri-lateral agreement has been signed between ICDRiA, ICMS (the International Center for Maritime Studies) in Hong Kong PolyU and the WCUP-GDFE (World Class University Project and Graduate Department of Financial Engineering) in Ajou University. This agreement is endorsed by the three Deans to whom these centers report.

The research centers will operate in a decentralized way with each location contributing their expertise to the three common activities among the centers: Real Options and uncertainties in investment decisions, Mutual Insurance, and, Alternative Energies. The centers will exchange students and visiting researchers for collaboration on the research programs.

Dr. Alain Bensoussan, Director of ICDRiA, stated, “This initiative has been supported by the schools because it fits well with the need to network research and education activities due to globalization. The advancement of knowledge must be recognized at a global level and the problems we are facing incorporate substantial global aspects.”

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RICHARDSON, Texas (April 21, 2008)—The International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis (ICDRiA) has announced completion of a successful collaboration between Blueline/Rediform and ICDRiA within The UT Dallas School of Management. The project focused on research in forecasting demand and optimal ordering. Blueline/Rediform is currently employing techniques developed at ICDRiA and has hired UT Dallas graduate student Greg Turi who worked on the project.

News Contact: Patricia Schoch, UT Dallas (972) 883-6298,

RICHARDSON, Texas (April 21, 2008)—EADS North America, Inc., a leading aerospace and defense company, and the European Space Agency (ESA) have awarded additional funding to the International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis (ICDRiA) at The UT Dallas School of Management.

EADS and ESA are long-time supporters of ICDRiA, providing substantial funding soon after ICDRiA’s inception in the fall of 2004. EADS will provide an additional $24,000 and ESA will provide €20,000 ($31,602) to continue study of risk and decision analysis topics related to their organization.

RICHARDSON, Texas (April 21, 2008)—The National Science Foundation (NSF) has provided an additional award of $30,000 to the International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis (ICDRiA) at The UT Dallas School of Management in support of international collaboration on risk analysis research related to the effects of vibration on mechanical structures.

The funding is matched by OTKA, the Hungarian counterpart of NSF, through the U.S.-Hungarian Cooperative Research Program. During the summer of 2008, Hungarian scientists will visit UT Dallas to collaborate with ICDRiA researchers.

NSF provided original funding of $290,000 to Dr. Alain Bensoussan, director of ICDRiA and Dr. Janos Turi, professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at UT Dallas.

RICHARDSON, Texas (April 21, 2008)—The International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis (ICDRiA) has welcomed Executive in Residence Dr. Hylan B. Lyon to The UT Dallas School of Management to collaborate with ICDRiA on water resource management research and industrial problems.

Dr. Lyon’s career includes serving with the Advanced Aircraft Instrumentation (JANAIR) program of the U.S. Office of Naval Research from 1972 to 1975 with two assignments in the President’s Science Advisors Office under Presidents Nixon and Ford; deputy director of the Science, Technology and Industry Directorate in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, France; and senior consultant to the White House Office of Science and Technology’s Policy on International Science and Technology under President Carter.

Dr. Lyon spent 10 years with Texas Instruments (TI), during which his experience relevant to risk management and water resources included serving as a back-up member for TI on President Carter’s National Agenda for the 80’s Commission and as chairman of the National Defense University Distinguished Fellows with oversight of the Mobilization Concepts Development Center for three years. After his time with TI, Dr. Lyon served as chief technology officer for Dallas-based Marlow Industries for 15 years.

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Risk and Decision Analysis

Risk and Decision Analysis is an interdisciplinary publication focused on bridging the theory and application of risk management. The journal is published quarterly by IOS Press. The editors-in-chief are Dr. Alain Bensoussan, UT Dallas Ashbel Smith Professor and Director of the university’s International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis, and Dr. Charles Tapiero, Morton L. Topfer Chair and Distinguished Professor of Financial Engineering and Technology Management at Polytechnic University of New York.

“A risk is a risk, whether it’s financial, operational or …the risk of a security breach or the spread of disease. There are common concerns to all aspects of risk, which justifies the idea of building a new science and this new journal. Our objective is to promote this new field and contribute to its progress by developing concepts and methods which can be applied.” –Dr. Alain Bensoussan, Editor-in-Chief.