Study Abroad, Internship and International Study Trip Programs

Student Jasmin Nguyen in Hong Kong
Take your education to the next level by gaining international experience.

Participating in an international study or work experience elevates your educational experience. Whether you are interested in a semester exchange program in another country, a summer international internship or an international study trip, we have an opportunity for you.

Our school has put greater emphasis on study abroad in order to expand our students’ global knowledge and prepare them to be more competitive for securing professional opportunities in our interconnected global world. As tomorrows leaders, it is absolutely critical that students, our future leaders know, how to interact with people from other countries and cultures. International experience enables students to develop essential capabilities in cross-cultural communication necessary to succeed in the global economy. JSOM offers programs that last the duration of a long semester, a summer term or even seven to 10 days abroad (see opportunities below).

How Can I Study Abroad?


Trevor Schmied

Trevor Schmied

BS in Information Technology and Systems
Internship in Dublin, Ireland

“During my internship in Dublin, Ireland, I got to meet some amazing people at Brandon Global IT who really helped me find my interests in the IT field! Not only did I meet incredible new people, but I also got to see some incredibly beautiful places all over Ireland!”