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Fast-Track Programs

Jindal School of Management Bachelor of Science Fast-Track Program students in the classroom

Fast-Track programs are designed to permit qualified seniors enrolled at UT Dallas to begin work on their MS or the Professional MBA (Flex or Online) degree before graduation. In addition, students may choose to complete graduate coursework that applies only to their undergraduate degree or their future graduate degree. To be approved for any of these options, students must meet the requirements outlined below as well as abide by the complete policy outlined in the Catalog.

Requirements to Take Graduate JSOM Courses

Students can complete graduate JSOM courses if they meet the following requirements:
  1. Have completed at least 15 hours at UT Dallas
  2. Have completed 90 hours, of which at least 36 must be completed hours in the core curriculum
  3. Have and maintain a minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.200 for course credit earned at UT Dallas.
  4. Have completed all major preparatory requirements.
  5. Have completed OPRE 3360 and MATH 1325. (Equivalent or higher-level coursework can be considered on a case-by-case basis.)
  6. Maintain a 3.000 GPA in graduate coursework

If, at any time, a student fails to satisfy these requirements, they will be dropped from any future graduate coursework (if they had been approved to pre-register). Additionally, a student who selected the Fast Track option will be withdrawn from the Fast Track program.

Available Options for Use of Graduate Courses

At the time of registration, the student must declare how each approved graduate course will apply to their undergraduate/graduate degree by choosing one of the three options from the table below (Option A, B or C). Once applied, the choice cannot be changed. If completing more than one graduate course, the student can choose a different option for each course.

Course Options
Options Course applies to UNDERGRAD degree Course applies to GRADUATE degree Description
Option A Undergraduate Only X   Option A Details
Option BFast Track X X Option B Details
Option C Reserved for Graduate Use Only   X Option C Details

If choosing a combination of the three options, students can only complete an overall maximum of 15 hours
(15 hours includes any repeated or withdrawn coursework)

Option A

Undergraduate Only

  • Maximum of 12 hours allowed within this option
  • Credit accrues to UG transcript
  • 3.20 GPA required for each registration request

Option B

Fast Track

  • Maximum of 6 hours allowed for MS ACCT and maximum of 12 hours allowed for other MS degrees
  • Maximum of 15 hours allowed for Professional MBA Flex/Online*
  • Student can only fast track into ONE graduate degree
  • Student cannot fast track into Double MS/MBA
  • Student can choose graduate degree that is different from their undergraduate major
  • Credit accrues to undergraduate and graduate transcript
  • 3.20 GPA required for admission into fast-track

* To be admitted to either the Full-Time MBA or Professional Evening Cohort MBA, students need to make an application and visit with the MBA Program Office.

Option C

Reserved for Graduate Use Only

  • Maximum of 12 hours allowed within this option
  • Course will not affect student’s undergraduate GPA
  • Credit accrues to GR transcript
  • 3.20 GPA required for each registration request
  • Student must meet any pre/co-requisites with graduate-level coursework

For Options A, B, and C

  • Course selection will be approved by the graduate program after review of the student’s undergraduate degree progress and future academic goals.
  • Within a single semester, a student can take a maximum of 2 graduate classes if enrolled in a total of 16 or more credit hours and a maximum of 3 graduate classes if enrolled in a total less than 16 credit hours. The total credit hours include both undergraduate and graduate credits.
  • The graduate course drop policy applies to all graduate courses. Students should consult the Academic Calendar for those dates.
  • Undergraduate students enrolling in graduate courses will be evaluated in the same manner as graduate students.
  • Master’s level course can only be repeated one time and only three are allowed to be repeated. Withdrawals included. Repeats will accumulate to graduate transcript.

For Option B – Fast Track

  • Graduate courses taken by the Fast Track student will appear on both the undergraduate and graduate transcripts and will count in the cumulative earned hours and GPA for both undergraduate and graduate careers.
  • Courses must be well chosen to satisfy the requirements of the BS and intended MS or MBA degree
  • Students can take the Fast Track courses as substitutes for major required courses, as guided and/or free electives.

Admission to Graduate Program After Fast Track

Only students who are completing coursework as fast-track are eligible to automatically be matriculated into the corresponding graduate degree upon graduation. If students are only completing coursework as undergraduate-credit-only or as graduate-credit-only, they will be required to submit an admission application to the graduate program.

Please note:

  • Students may delay entering the graduate program, after completing their undergraduate degree, for up to one year. If students do not return within a year, they will need to apply to the graduate program.
  • All graduate coursework expires within 72 months from the semester taken.

Information on JSOM graduate programs is available through and the JSOM Advising Office (JSOM 2.250)

*Fast track courses must apply to both undergraduate and graduate degree plans.

*Pre/corequisites of undergraduate course must be met to be eligible to register in corresponding graduate course.

*Credit cannot be received for an approved graduate fast‐track course and any of its cross‐listed/similar courses.

Undergraduate Courses for Accounting with Graduate Course Equivalents
UG Course No. UG Course Name GR Course No. GR Course Name Cross‐Listed/Similar Course
ACCT Guided Elective ACCT 6333 Advanced Financial Reporting (pre‐req ACCT 3332) n/a
ACCT Guided Elective ACCT 6335 Ethics for Professional Accountants (no pre-requisite) n/a
ACCT Guided Elective ACCT 6353 Fundamentals of Taxation II (pre‐req ACCT 3350) n/a
ACCT Guided Elective ACCT 6365 Gov Not‐For‐Profit Acct (pre-requisite ACCT 2301 and ACCT 2302) n/a
ACCT Guided Elective ACCT 6373 Advanced External Auditing (pre‐req ACCT 4334) n/a