Future Undergraduates

The Jindal School Undergraduate Recruitment Office is a one-stop-shop for your undergraduate Prospective Student Services. Below you will find information about the college search process, what to do next if you are planning to enroll at UT Dallas, to helpful information for educators and parents!

Students, parents, and educators are encouraged to work with our office to get your questions and concerns answered! The easiest way to contact us is:

Email: jindal@utdallas.edu
Phone: 972-883-5889
Location: JSOM 2.202

Hello Prospective Students and Parents! My name is Sarah Bengston, I am the Director of Undergraduate Recruitment for The Jindal School. Our office is here to assist students with the college application and scholarship processes, in addition to helping you learn more about what the Jindal School of Management has to offer for your undergraduate education!

Our services include:

  • Presentations for parents and students
  • Virtual or in-person Appointments to discuss your questions or concerns
  • Various events and information sessions
  • Presentations for educators & high school classes
  • Timely responses to emails and phone calls

I look forward to working with each of you to make your dreams a reality!

Sarah Bengston Director of Undergraduate Recruitment

Interested in applying to UT Dallas as a Freshman or Transfer student! Below is a quick overview of the application materials needed and deadlines. For more extensive information on the application process click Application Process

Required Information for the application process:

  1. Complete Application via ApplyTexas or Common App
  2. $50 non-refundable application fee (Or applicable fee waiver)
  3. Official test scores OR the “Applying Without Scores” form
  4. Official high school transcript (Or Official college transcript)

Optional Information for the application process:

  • Essay Topic A, B, or C on ApplyTexas and Common App
  • Letters of Recommendation (limited to a maximum of 3)
  • Resume
  • Official College Transcript
  • Official AP test scores

Application Deadline for Freshman – Fall 2021:

  • Priority Application Deadline – December 1, 2020
    Students who have a completed application by this date, will be considered for the Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Regular Application Deadline – May 1, 2020

Have questions about the application process? We can help! Click on Individual Experience to make an appointment with a Recruitment Office Staff Member!

The Jindal School of Management has a lot to offer you and your family with virtual and on-campus visits. Our events are great for high school sophomores – through first- or second-year college students! All of our events are family friendly and will provide a variety of information to help you learn more about business and UT Dallas.

Interested in learning how to apply for admission – register for our Application Workshops

Interested in one-on-one appointments – schedule an Executive Tour

Interested in an appointment on the weekend – schedule and Appointment here for Saturday, October 17 and Saturday, November 7. (Registration Coming Soon!)

Interested in Information Sessions on specific programs and business topics – register for Thinking Ahead Thursday

For questions about our events, please contact our Event Coordinator, Blair Taylor.

The Nova Ambassadors are current undergraduate students majoring from each of our 9 academic programs. The Nova Ambassadors are available to speak with you via email or in a one-on-one appointment. Click here to meet our Nova Ambassadors!

Nova Ambassadors

We are excited you are planning to join UT Dallas as student in The Jindal School. Here are some things to do and know about as you look to start your journey with us:

We are excited you are planning to join UT Dallas as student in The Jindal School. Here are some things to do and know about as you look to start your journey with us:

Hello Parents and Families!

Thank you for taking the time to explore the Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas and the opportunities we have here for the high school senior in your life. The entire college selection and application process can be a bit involved and often overwhelming, so please rest assured that we at the Undergraduate Recruitment Office are here to help.

On this page you will find links to helpful pages on the UT Dallas website, some answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a timeline for the college application process, and our contact information. We love being able to meet prospective students and families and help guide students on the path to becoming Comets. Some of your questions may be answered through the links below, but if not, we are more than happy to answer questions via email or set up virtual appointment to talk through your concerns.

We are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us anytime at sarah.bengston@utdallas.edu or blair.taylor@utdallas.edu, or use jindal@utdallas.edu to request a parent/family appointment spot Monday-Thursday between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

We look forward to working with you!

FAQ Section

  • Students who graduate in the top 10% of their senior year class rank, who is graduating from Texas Public High School, will be granted automatic admission to UT Dallas.
  • All applicants are reviewed individually and holistically. Consideration is given to such factors as:
    • Overall grades in academic coursework and trends in academic achievement
    • Strength of high school curriculum, including level of rigor (AP, IB, Dual Credit)
    • High school rank (if applicable)
    • GPA
    • SAT 1 or ACT test scores, if available and submitted
  • If you have questions that cannot be answered by anything on these pages, we are always happy to answer them, or you can contact Admissions at admission@utdallas.edu. International students and families can contact that same address and the Admissions team can direct you to the correct person at the International Center if appropriate.
  • For more information, please visit these links:
  • Financial Aid is available to qualifying students. All students need to fill out a FAFSA, which can be done starting in October the year prior to the start of classes. In order to complete the FAFSA, the student’s family will have to have completed their taxes the prior year.
  • The Financial Aid Office at UT Dallas is very responsive to emails and will meet individually with students and families to discuss questions and assist with the process of applying for financial aid. Their email is financial-aid@utdallas.edu.
  • The Financial Aid office is very responsive to emails and can be reached at by contacting financial-aid@utdallas.edu
  • There are scholarship opportunities available to UT Dallas students, and incoming freshmen students are automatically reviewed for initial eligibility for the Academic Excellence Scholarship. There are also some scholarship opportunities for transfer students. Scholarships granted by outside groups to students are accepted at UT Dallas, and the Financial Aid Office and the Bursar’s Office will be best equipped to assist with that.
  • There are two options for tuition: guaranteed and variable rate. The guaranteed rate option locks in your tuition rate for the entirety of your time at UT Dallas. The variable rate means that your tuition rate may change according to any overall institutional changes to tuition, often determined by the UT System as a whole.
  • For more information, please visit these links:
  • Does my student live on campus? Is there housing? Is on campus living required? Students don’t have to live on campus, but many love the sense of community they get from living on campus. All freshmen live in one of 5 identical residence halls. Each suite consists of 3 private bedrooms and one shared living space and shared bathroom area. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors live in apartment style housing.
  • Is there housing for Jindal School students where they all live together? There are Living Learning Communities that are specific to the different undergraduate schools, so there is a Business Living Learning Community. This is an option for students who are in any major at the Jindal School. If your student is interested in this, they should register for it as soon as possible as the LLC will fill up before the housing deadline.
  • If my student lives off campus will they feel like they are really part of the community? About half of our students do not live on campus so it is absolutely possible to be fully invested in UT Dallas without being a campus resident. We encourage all students to involve themselves with the variety of programs both academic and social, and students who commute to campus can be involved in a program called Road Warriors to help foster a sense of connectedness.
  • For more information, please visit these links:
  • While there is no gate or locked perimeter, UT Dallas is a closed campus, and the buildings are all situated together (with the exception of several locations that are part of UT Dallas but not part of the daily academic/student activities). It adds to the overall safety of the area that there is no reason for non staff, faculty, and students to traverse the campus randomly or without cause.
  • UT Dallas has a fully commissioned police department and the officers are classified as State Peace Officers. They are highly trained and actively patrol the campus.
  • There is a volunteer, student run Emergency Medical Response team that consists of trained EMS volunteer students who are on call 24/7.
  • For more information, please follow these links:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) establishes rules about your students right to privacy. There are some pieces of information we as faculty and staff are and unfortunately, are not allowed to discuss with you. We will always take calls and email from parents. We do encourage you to call with your student present.

For additional information on FERPA rules, policy, and regulations please visit:

If you and your student have discussed access to information and your student has agreed to wave privacy, there are several forms to complete and steps to take to gain access to your student’s confidential information. Two of these can be found at these links:

Hello Teachers and Counselors,
The Jindal School Undergraduate Recruitment Office is here to help you and your students! We offer a variety of different opportunities for you as an educator.

  • Need business centered presentations for your classroom? – Schedule a BIZ 101 Presentation!
  • Need admissions presentations or application workshops? – Contact our office at jindal@utdallas.edu to schedule one for your classroom or students!
  • Working with a student who has questions? – Contact our office at jindal@utdallas.edu to schedule a one-on-one appointment!
  • Want more information about The Jindal School? – Contact our office at jindal@utdallas.edu to schedule a one-on-one appointment with our staff and students to learn more!