Undergraduate Dean's Council

Dean’s Council – Undergraduate

The Dean’s Council application for academic year of 2020-21 will open soon.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be currently enrolled at UTD as JSOM major
  • Have completed at least one semester at UTD
  • Earned 12 credit hours at UT Dallas; first semester transfer students and freshmen must be currently enrolled in 12 hours at UT Dallas
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be able to serve on the Council for at least one academic year (two long semesters)

Undergraduate Dean’s Council Application Calendar

  • Application opens – September 2020
  • Application due – October 2020
  • Candidate interviews – November 2020 (beginning)
  • Offer letters: November 2020 (end)
  • New member meeting: December 2020

Fall 2019 Undergraduate Dean’s Council Officers

Hunter Gibble

Hunter Gibble, Leader

I joined the Dean’s Council because I wanted to be a part of a culture of students that strived to constantly improve each other and the school around them. I have met some incredibly intelligent, friendly, and hardworking people within Dean’s Council. After serving on two semester-long committee projects, I have been fortunate enough to call many of them friends. I now strive every day to be an effective leader in inspiring new members to help us achieve the incredible potential JSOM has.

Kaylie Mai

Kaylie Mai, Secretary

I am a sophomore majoring in business administration. I joined Dean’s Council because it is a great opportunity to get involved in JSOM and meet other students. As a member of Dean’s Council, I have the chance to work with the JSOM Instagram page and other projects to promote all the amazing resources our school has to offer.

Alejandro Jimenez Herrera

Alejandro Jimenez Herrera, Faces of JSOM: Students Team

Dean’s council was one of the first organizations I joined at UTD and it has been the most rewarding overall. Not only has Dean’s Council surrounded me with some of JSOM’s most talented and hardworking students, but it has also allowed me to be an active participant in improving the business school as a whole. This semester, my committee will showcase JSOM’s best and brightest undergraduate students through weekly posts on JSOM’s social media.

Carol Varghese

Carol Varghese , Faces of JSOM: Faculty and Alumni Team

Although I applied to the Dean’s Council solely at the suggestion of my mentor, I stayed because I realized how much the Dean’s Council was impacting JSOM. I have developed wonderful friendships and have been able to grow professionally through my experience in the Dean’s Council. This semester, my committee will introduce various faculty and alumni to the JSOM population.

Vanlexus Franks

Vanlexus Franks, YouTube and Wise Words Team

I am a rising senior pursuing a major in marketing with a minor in entrepreneurship. I joined Dean’s Council because I saw an opportunity to make an impact within JSOM and to help give a voice to other students within the school. During my time in the Dean’s Council, I have evolved as a student leader and hope to motivate future leader to continue advocating for students within JSOM and on the UTD campus.

Neha Kaisani

Neha Kaisani , Marketing Team

I joined Dean’s Council because I wanted to play an active role in the constant growth occurring within JSOM. By the council, I have been able to contribute my time to projects which have allowed me to see the vast potential of our business school. This semester, my goal is to better understand what projects need to be implemented by the Council in order to improve JSOM as a whole.

Amanda Richards

Amanda Richards , Passion Projects and JSOM Art Team

I joined Dean’s Council to be a part of an organization that contributes to the continuous improvement of JSOM. I enjoy brainstorming with other members to come up with ways to ensure students are utilizing the tremendous amount of resources JSOM has to offer.

Ifunanya Ngadi

Ifunanya Ngadi , Passion Project: JSOM App Team

I joined the Dean’s Council because I believed it would be a great way to get involved in JSOM. There are a lot of people in the Dean’s Council so it was a little scary, but I have been involved with different committees and I have been able to slowly get to know the general members. Becoming a Committee Chair was not something I thought I could do, but since taking on the role, it has enabled me to grow as an efficient and effective leader. Leading a group of people is difficult but I am learning with my committee members and we are growing together.

Undergraduate Dean’s Council Advisors

Shawn Alborz, PhD Dean, Undergraduate Program Management
salborz@utdallas.edu (972) 883-6455 JSOM 11.105G
Patricia Lathen Undergraduate Program Specialist
Patricia.Lathen@utdallas.edu (972) 883-5086 JSOM 11.105D

Fall 2019

  • The Academics Committee worked on the advising process by conducting and collecting student feedback and increasing the visibility of online resources and information
  • The Facilities and Services Committee created a proposal for removing and replacing the artwork found throughout JSOM
  • The Engagement Committee continued operating the JSOM Resources Instagram page and creating/posting helpful infographics
  • The Co-Curricular Committee worked on building an academic and co-curricular calendar fo JSOM students
  • The Operations Committee worked on standardizing and improving internal Dean’s Council processes such as recruitment

Spring 2019

  • The Academics Committee assembled a Discover Your Major infographic template, which will be made available to all program directors.
  • The Facilities and Services Committee launched the FixJSOM system created in the previous semester, while filming a promotional video encouraging graduating students to complete the post-graduation surveys.
  • The Engagement Committee launched a JSOM Instagram page looking to educate business students on the variety of resources the school has available.
  • The Co-Curricular Committee created a proposal for JSOM professors to host a series of workshops to educate students on personal finance, international customs, and other important information.
  • The Operations Committee created the JSOM Accreditation Pilot Program to improve standards and resources available to student organizations.

Fall 2018

  • The Academics Committee developed a proposal to allow Excel certifications to be received by students completing the ITSS 3330 class.
  • The Facilities and Services Committee created a ticketing system to allow students to report broken outlets, chairs, spills, and other maintenance issues directly to JSOM building operation through a scannable QR code.
  • The Engagement Committee created a guide for important skills and information for the various JSOM majors.
  • The Co-Curricular Committee hosted an interactive online interview session to allow students to become more familiar with modern interviewing practices while meeting 1:1 with a career specialist.
  • The Operations Committee is a new committee focusing on the long-term implementation of events and ideas created by Dean’s Council.

Spring 2018

  • The Academics Committee is proposing that an excel certification be integrated into JSOM core courses.
  • The Co-Curriculars Committee held a virtual interview workshop in partnership with the CMC on April 6th, 2018 in the UG Lounge.
  • The Engagements Committee created a fact sheet for each JSOM major program and concentration, to use as a resource for current students to see which soft skills and certifications they should be pursuing for their intended career path.
  • The Facilities Committee is working with the JSOM Facilities Services team on finding a way for students to report issues they find in the building, such as broken outlets or chairs with missing wheels.

Fall 2017

  • The Academic Committee developed and hosted the first “Discover your Major Fair” where students were able to mingle with program directors and learn about the concentrations and majors offered in JSOM. The Academic Committee also proposed an update to extend the hours of the OPRE labs.
  • The Facilities Committee developed a proposal to start a student advisor program to assist the JSOM Advising Office with common inquiries regarding course enrollment.

Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

  • Facilities and services committee were able to add color printers in JSOM printing lab.
  • Academics committee submitted a proposal to add mock lectures to the Business Basics course, which several professors already implemented this semester.

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

  • The Student Outreach Committee began implementing the JSOM 5 marketing campaign to design and distribute a monthly informational flyer for JSOM undergraduate students.
  • The Careers Committee created similar literature specific for internships. They distributed a flyer in all of the Internship 101 sessions which was a collection of suggestions for obtaining an internships and advice from students who had previously had internships.
  • The Spirit Committee organized a time capsule project for JSOM’s 40th Anniversary event.
  • The Rankings and Recognition Committee initiated a calling campaign to reach over 800 graduating seniors, increasing student participation in the Bloomberg Businessweek survey from 8% to over 40%.

Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

  • Bridged new connections with employers to provide students new networking opportunities for careers and internships
  • Continued the hosting of the Organization Carnival and Golden Comet Award
  • Started the #JSOMRevolution to improve the reputation of JSOM from the students’ perspective

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