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Dean’s Council – Undergraduate

The Undergraduate Deans Council is now accepting applications for Spring 2019! Applications close on 10/5 at 8 am!

Application Closed

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have completed at least one semester at UTD
  • Students who have previously attended the university must have already completed 12 hours at UT Dallas: transfer students and freshman must currently be enrolled in 12 hours at UT Dallas
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Must currently be enrolled as a UTD student with a JSOM major
  • Must commit to serve on the council for at least one academic year, or two long semesters

Please note that new membership openings on the Undergraduate Dean’s Council are very competitive. Students who are not selected are encouraged to get involved with other JSOM organizations and apply again in a future semester.

Undergraduate Dean’s Council Application Calendar
Group interview:
Saturday, 11/3 at 8:00 AM
Application Closed

Fall 2018 Officers

Kristin Harris

Kristin Harris, Undergraduate President

My name is Kristin Harris, and I am a junior studying supply chain management with a minor in organizational behavior and human resources. I have been involved in Dean’s Council since my freshman year. I joined this organization because I wanted to be able to make a positive impact on JSOM. My favorite thing about Dean’s Council is that every member has the opportunity to make a contribution to JSOM.

Jessica Marquis

Jessica Marquis, VP of Operations

Hello, My name is Jessica Marquis, I am a sophomore studying Finance and Accounting. My first semester in DC I was a member of the Academic committee where I got to collaborate with a fun group a people. This semester I am working as a the VP of Operations and I look forward to working with the executive team. I will be keeping up with the councils minutes and updating the website.

Frances Dagohoy

Frances Dagohoy, VP of Internal Development

My name is Frances Dagohoy and I am a sophomore studying accounting. I was a part of the Academics Committee my first year at Dean’s Council and I wanted to get more involved with the behind the scenes aspects of the organization. Therefore, I decided to run for VP of Internal Development. My favorite part about Dean’s Council is being able to fill in the gap between students and faculty. We listen to what the students want and need and help execute that idea. I am really excited to work with the executive team, the Dean’s Council members, the students, and faculty and staff to make a better JSOM.

Timothy Montequin

Timothy Montequin, Academics Committee Chair

My name is Timothy Montequin, I am a sophomore human resource management major with a minor in public policy. I joined Dean’s Council because I wanted to ensure that every student is able to take full advantage of the multitude of opportunities that JSOM offers. My favorite memory from Dean’s Council was hosting the “Discover Your Major Fair” where over 200 freshmen and transfer students were able to meet with all the program directors to help them decide which program is the best fit for them.

Sarah Tse

Sarah Tse, Facilities & Services Committee Chair

Hi my name is Sarah Tse, and I serve as the Facilities and Services Committee Chair. This is my second year at UT Dallas and I am majoring in Information Technology and Systems. I’ve been in the Dean’s Council for about a year now and really enjoy working with a great group of motivated people. My committee focuses on improving the building and the services that JSOM provides. During my time in Dean’s council, I’ve helped bring color printing to the printing lab and ideas for academic advising processes. As a member of Dean’s Council, I hope to continue to listen to what my fellow students would like to see and make a change!

Charlie Hooper

Charlie Hooper, Operations Committee Chair

I’m a Junior Supply Chain Management major from Austin, Texas! I love getting involved in organizations on campus and learning different skills outside of the classroom. One thing I really like about Dean’s Council is that you get out what you put in; the most rewarding work is usually the most challenging. A few of my passions include dance, working out, and connecting with new people!

Pratiksha Tonpe

Pratiksha Tonpe, Co-Curricular Chair

Hi, I’m Pratiksha Tonpe! I’m a freshman double majoring in Business Administration as well as Finance. Born in Richmond, Virginia, raised in Portland, Oregon and finally settling in Plano, Texas, adapting to new places and situation is definitely my forte. My passions include art, exploring nature and volunteering. I take pride in being part of the Davidson Honors Management Program as part of JSOM and look forward to spending these next four years at UTD developing a strong network of friends, mentors and professors. In the future I plan on pursuing a career in which I can hopefully combine my passions in art and business and continue to constantly challenge myself and learn every day.

Ashton Rel

Ashton Rel, Engagements Chair

Hey everyone! My name is Ashton Rel and I am a senior studying both Economics and Finance. When I transferred to UTD in Spring 2016, I was amazed by the resources and opportunities that JSOM has to offer. That is why I joined The Dean’s Council. I want to make sure that each and every student of JSOM has the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. I love Dean’s Council because our collaborative organization promotes new ideas and is filled with so many who care about the future of JSOM and it’s students.

Undergraduate Dean’s Council Advisors

Marilyn Kaplan Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
mkaplan@utdallas.edu (972) 883-2742 JSOM 11.105G
Sarah Henry Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator
seh150530@utdallas.edu (972) 883-5054 JSOM 11.105D

Spring 2018

  • The Academics Committee is proposing that an excel certification be integrated into JSOM core courses.
  • The Co-Curriculars Committee held a virtual interview workshop in partnership with the CMC on April 6th, 2018 in the UG Lounge.
  • The Engagements Committee created a fact sheet for each JSOM major program and concentration, to use as a resource for current students to see which soft skills and certifications they should be pursuing for their intended career path.
  • The Facilities Committee is working with the JSOM Facilities Services team on finding a way for students to report issues they find in the building, such as broken outlets or chairs with missing wheels.

Fall 2017

  • The Academic Committee developed and hosted the first “Discover your Major Fair” where students were able to mingle with program directors and learn about the concentrations and majors offered in JSOM. The Academic Committee also proposed an update to extend the hours of the OPRE labs.
  • The Facilities Committee developed a proposal to start a student advisor program to assist the JSOM Advising Office with common inquiries regarding course enrollment.

Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

  • Facilities and services committee were able to add color printers in JSOM printing lab.
  • Academics committee submitted a proposal to add mock lectures to the Business Basics course, which several professors already implemented this semester.

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

  • The Student Outreach Committee began implementing the JSOM 5 marketing campaign to design and distribute a monthly informational flyer for JSOM undergraduate students.
  • The Careers Committee created similar literature specific for internships. They distributed a flyer in all of the Internship 101 sessions which was a collection of suggestions for obtaining an internships and advice from students who had previously had internships.
  • The Spirit Committee organized a time capsule project for JSOM’s 40th Anniversary event.
  • The Rankings and Recognition Committee initiated a calling campaign to reach over 800 graduating seniors, increasing student participation in the Bloomberg Businessweek survey from 8% to over 40%.

Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

  • Bridged new connections with employers to provide students new networking opportunities for careers and internships
  • Continued the hosting of the Organization Carnival and Golden Comet Award
  • Started the #JSOMRevolution to improve the reputation of JSOM from the students’ perspective

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