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JSOM gets splashed for Welcome Week!

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The Jindal School of Management enjoyed a day of dunking, dodging and ditching class (only kidding) to swing a ball at professors during the first Friday of UT Dallas Welcome Week and first Friday of the semester!

Our fearless leaders were dunked and prizes were won by students who could throw on point at the target that dropped a bucket of ice-cold water onto the heads of the brave JSOM professors and staff. Participants included:

• McClain Watson, Director of Business Communication Programs

• Judd Bradbury, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems

• Mary Beth Goodrich, Senior Lecturer in Accounting

• Hilary Freeman, Recruiter

• Chad Decker, Director of Recruiting

• Amy Troutman, Director of Professional Program in Accounting

• Matt Polze, Director of DMHP and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

• Jeremy Vickers, Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Here are some highlights from the event. 

Students were able to win a variety of giveaway items including #JSOM sunglasses, coffee cups, pens, magnetic clips, smartphone wallets and the ultimate T-shirt. The shirts were a hit!

The first contestant was Professor McClain Watson. His goofy get-up wasn’t enough to distract his opponents on the other side of the screen.

Mary Beth Goodrich got into the spirit with her UT Dallas attire and Asian conical hat. She was definitely the one that got dunked the most… I wonder why!

Matt Polze made sure to keep his mouth shut while the bucket dropped.

Chad Decker brought along cute little twin helpers who were more than eager to dunk their dad. Who’s the boss now?

There’s no such thing as getting too much into it, and that’s what Judd Bradbury was all about. He didn’t even try to block the target — he was game for dumping the bucket!


There’s more splashing going on at JSOM than at the UTD Rec Center!

Highlights from Vickers’ and Troutman’s time during Beat the Bucket.

Brave students had the opportunity to get dunked as well.

The agony of defeat. You don't have to see this student’s face to know the bucket beat him on this throw.

Thanks for stopping by! We’re excited for the next JSOM event, so stay tuned for more activities by always checking the JSOM calendar.

Gaby Mokry

Gaby is pursuing her MS Marketing program at The Jindal School of Management. Before coming to UT Dallas, she gained experience at traditional and digital advertising agencies. She appreciates a freshly brewed cup of joe and spends her free time surrounding herself with creative projects, Netflix binges and biking on White Rock Lake. Read more articles

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