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Accounting Program Overview

As an accounting major at The University of Texas at Dallas, you learn to prepare, analyze and communicate relevant information for making business decisions. Through accounting, you will focus on an organization’s resources and how efficiently it performs. The discipline of accounting can be subdivided into career paths that align with our graduate-degree concentration: corporate accounting, auditing, tax accounting and internal auditing.

A unique benefit of our accounting program is that you can combine your undergraduate work with our specialized master’s program, a beneficial option if you wish to complete the 150-hour CPA exam requirement of most states. As a full-time student, you will be able to complete the combined accounting degree program in five years or less and should consider applying for one of our specialized programs, the Professional Program in Accounting or Internal Audit Excellence Partnership program.

Visit our Accounting Scholarships page to learn more about scholarships available to our students.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Accounting Area is to strengthen the professional practice, ethical conduct, and conceptual base of the accounting profession, business, and society through its teaching, research, and service. The Accounting Area is dedicated to delivering a high quality teaching environment that enables our undergraduate and graduate students to achieve their personal and professional potential in accounting and related careers throughout the world. The Area continuously seeks to develop and improve its accounting curriculum, specialization areas, and courses to advance accounting education and practice. The Area is committed to conducting rigorous high impact research that culminates in the production of intellectual contributions that advance the knowledge and practice of business and accounting. The Area actively serves its stakeholders, including the School, the University, the accounting professional and business communities, and society through its educational, research, and service activities.