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Professional Program in Accounting (PPA)

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PPA is designed for highly motivated JSOM students interested in pursuing a professional accounting career. Apply Now

Why Join the Professional Program in Accounting (PPA)?

  1. BS/MS in Five Years

    PPA allows students the opportunity to obtain a Master of Science in Accounting one year after successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting.
  2. Cohort Classes

    PPA students will take specific accounting courses as a cohort, which provides a collaborative learning experience.
  3. CPA

    During the last semester of their graduate year, PPA students begin sitting for parts of the CPA Exam while completing their graduate degree, with the goal of completing all four parts of the CPA Exam by June 1.
  4. Public Accounting Internship

    PPA students are heavily recruited during their junior year to complete an internship at a public accounting firm. These internships provide PPA students with valuable experience in assurance or taxation, client service, and networking with other accounting professionals.

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