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Professional Program in Accounting (PPA)

The Professional Program in Accounting (PPA) is designed for highly-motivated Jindal School of Management students interested in pursuing a professional accounting career. The program has two primary objectives: to prepare students to take and pass the CPA exam and to help students secure quality public accounting internships and full-time positions upon graduation.

PPA Benefits to Students

  • Smaller “honors” type core classes for PPA students only, who are taught by highly regarded faculty
  • Better networking opportunities with students, faculty and professionals
  • Priority access to many internship and full-time employment opportunities
  • Help with CPA eligibility and passage
  • Enhancement of technical accounting and “soft” skills, such as interpersonal interaction, teamwork, communication, presentation and networking
  • Mentor program and workshops focusing on interviewing skills, resume writing and professional etiquette

Our goal as directors of the Professional Program in Accounting (PPA) is to make PPA one of the top-rated accounting programs in the country. PPA aims to place its students in the most competitive professional internships and full-time positions, and we expect that our students will become leaders in the accounting profession and the business world.

PPA takes a great interest in the development of its students, and we greatly enjoy working to help develop students into professionals with limitless potential. Additionally, PPA is fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop lasting professional relationships with some of the most highly regarded professional firms in the world.

We look forward to the continued growth of the program. If you are interested in joining the program or would like to find out how you can recruit students from PPA, please feel free to contact Elizabeth Pigg and make an appointment.

Tiffany Bortz Associate Area Coordinator | PPA Director

Please note that satisfaction of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the PPA program.

  • 3.2 GPA or higher
  • Junior-level (completed approximately 60 Semester Credit Hours) as of the fall semester in which the application is submitted
  • Must be enrolled in Intermediate I – ACCT 3331, in the fall semester in which the application is submitted
  • Must not have previously completed or be enrolled in any of our PPA co-horted classes (ACCT 3332, ACCT 3350, ACCT 4334).
  • Completion of the following courses with a minimum grade of “B” prior to applying for PPA:
    • ACCT 2301 Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • ACCT 2302 Introduction to Management Accounting
  • Application deadline is September 15 (applications can only be submitted in the fall, online)
  • Selected applicants will be interviewed by PPA directors

Sample Courses
Fall – 16 Semester Credit Hours Spring – 15 Semester Credit Hours
BA 1100 Business Basics*
Natural Science HUMA 1301 Exploration of the Humanities
MATH 1325 Applied Calculus I COMM 1311 Survey of Oral & Technology Based Communication
HIST 1301 U.S. History Survey to Civil War MATH 1326 Applied Calculus II
RHET 1302 Rhetoric HIST 1302 U.S. History Survey from Civil War
Free Elective ARTS 1301 Exploration of the Arts

Sample Courses
Fall – 15 Semester Credit Hours Spring – 15 Semester Credit Hours
GOVT 2305 American National Government GOVT 2306 State & Local Government
ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics
ACCT 2301 Introductory Financial Accounting ACCT 2302 Introductory Management Accounting
BLAW 2301 Business and Public Law Natural Science
Free Elective ITTS 3300 Information Technology for Business

Sample Courses
Fall – 16 Semester Credit Hours Spring – 16 Semester Credit Hours***
OPRE 3333 Quantitative Business Analysis
OPRE 3360 Managerial Methods in Decision Making Under Uncertainty FIN 3320 Business Finance
ACCT 3100 Professional Development* OBHR 3310 Organizational Behavior
ACCT 3341 Cost Management Systems OPRE 3310 Operations Management
ACCT 3331 Intermediate Financial Accounting I ACCT 3332 Intermediate Financial Accounting II – PPA section
MKT 3300 Principles of Marketing BCOM 3310 Business Communication
ACCT 3101 PPA Lyceum*

Sample Courses
Fall – 18 Semester Credit Hours Spring – 14 Semester Credit Hours
ACCT 3350 Fundamentals of Taxation – PPA section
BCOM 4350 Advanced Business Communication ACCT 4342 Analysis and Design of Accounting Systems
ACCT 4334 Auditing – PPA section ACCT 4V80 Internship in Accounting
BPS 4305 Strategic Management ACCT 6353 – (fast track)**
IMS 3310 International Business ACCT 6335 – Ethics – (fast track)
ACCT ELECTIVE ACCT 6V98 – internship (reserve for graduate credit)

Sample Courses
Summer/Fall – 21 Semester Credit Hours Spring – 6 Semester Credit Hours
MECO 6303 Business Economics/FIN 6301 Financial Management ACCT 6291 Professional Accounting – Financial**
ACCT Elective ACCT 6292 Professional Accounting**
OPRE 6301 Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business ACCT 6193 Professional Accounting – Regulation**
ACCT 6194 Professional Accounting – Business**
ACCT 6365 Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting – suggested elective
ACCT 6373 Advanced External Auditing – suggested elective
ACCT 6370 Business Law/ACCT 6354 Partnership Taxation – suggested elective
ACCT 6333 Advanced Financial Reporting – PPA section

* Denotes a 1 hour course.

** PPA students must meet the requirements for the CPA exam prior to taking these courses.

***It is highly recommended not to take night classes this semester as there are various recruiting events in the evenings.

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Graduate Accounting Students Earn Scholarships

TSCPA 2019 Spring Scholarship Recipients

Jindal School Professional Program in Accounting students (from left) Jacob Walker, Rachel Goodwin, Patrick Sarman, David Tran and Urmi Khatri earned TSCPA scholarships. Sixth recipient Jacquelyn Elder is not pictured.

Six graduate accounting students have each received a $2,500 competitive scholarship this spring semester from the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants. The six are Jacquelyn Elder, Rachel Goodwin, Urmi Khatri, Patrick Sarman, David Tran and Jacob Walker.

They are all enrolled in the Jindal School’s Professional Program in Accounting, which helps prepare highly motivated students for the professional CPA examination and for careers in public accounting.

Funded by the TSCPA’s Accounting Education Foundation, the scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated academic excellence in accounting courses and whose résumés include significant campus leadership experience.

“In addition to maintaining outstanding GPAs, these students have collectively participated in a variety of campus leadership positions, including resident advisor, supplemental instruction, student organization officer and teaching assistant. Students of this caliber should be rewarded for their scholastic excellence and expected future contributions to the profession.” said Tiffany Bortz, Accounting Area associate coordinator and PPA director.

The PPA program was founded in 2007 and continues to be one of the prestigious programs at UT Dallas. The table below features class profiles for the PPA classes.

PPA Student Statistics by Year
Graduate Year PPA Class Number of Graduates Average GPA at Admission Placement to Internships Placement to full time jobs CPA Pass Rates- 12 months past grad
2017 8 79 3.63 98% 98%  
2018 9 78 3.6 98% 98% May 2019
2019 10   3.603 100% 97% May 2020
2020 11   3.75 98%   May-21
2021 12   3.7     May-22