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Professional Program in Accounting (PPA)

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PPA is designed for highly – motivated JSOM students interested in pursuing a professional accounting career. Apply Now

Why Join the Professional Program in Accounting (PPA)?

  1. BS/MS in Five Years

    The Professional Program in Accounting provides a smooth transition from the Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree to a successful completion of a Master of Science in Accounting degree.
  2. CPA

    During the last semester of their graduate year, PPA students are eligible to sit for the CPA exam in Texas. The program provides students with the materials and class instruction to successfully complete the exam upon graduation.
  3. Intern Full-Time in Public Accounting

    PPA students are heavily recruited during their junior year to complete an internship at a public accounting firm. During internships, students are able to gain firsthand experience in professional accounting, engage with clients and participate in firm events.

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