First Annual Dean's Cup Competition

Team Tex Mex, the winners of the first annual Dean's Cup Compeition

Team Tex Mex members (left to right) Zac Evans, Addison Kim, Alejandra Serrate and Marco Hagens won first place, $1,500 and the silver trophy in the inaugural Dean’s Cup competition.

Team Tex Mex won the first Dean’s Cup, a new competition the Accounting Club started to test undergraduates’ overall business knowledge.

Creative team names were required at the April 5 challenge, which drew 10 teams to the Davidson Auditorium. They competed for a silver trophy cup and a total of $2,350 in prize money that JSOM Dean Hasan Pirkul contributed.

All competitors got a free T-shirt and a free lunch following the hourlong challenge, which Undergraduate Accounting Program Director John Barden emceed.

The contest consisted of 30 multiple-choice questions drawn from all disciplines taught at the JSOM. Program directors decided on test content and then proctored the challenge.

What’s the difference between a group and a team? The Organizational Studies area contributed that question to the test.

For competitors, even the term “team” had different meanings. While maximum team size was four members, one team was a single student who wanted to go it alone, and another one-member team was a competitor who soloed when his teammates failed to show.

Phone a Friend Lifeline options weren’t available either, as all participants had to deposit their cells and Blackberries on the Davidson stage before the contest began.

Barden credited the Accounting Club for creating the new competition and promised the prize money would double next year.