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Recruiting Scams

The Career Management Center does not endorse, partner with or support employment vendors not affiliated with UT Dallas. Students should not pay for any recruiting services, and if they are asked to pay for services, students should immediately contact the Career Management Center at 972-883-6916 or .

There has been an increase in JSOM students reporting predator and scam organizations. The scams often impersonate a legitimate business and utilize images, text, job descriptions and/or letterhead from the real organization. Students are encouraged to independently research vendors and their affiliates before accessing any services not affiliated with UT Dallas. It is strongly recommended you Google the vendor name and the word “scam” as the search criteria. Also, research organizations and potential scams through Glassdoor, the Better Business Bureau, and/or Career Insider powered by Vault (a CMC subscription resource available with NetID verification). Note employers will likely contact you through official corporate email communication. A recruiter contacting you through Gmail and Google Hangout communications may be red flags the organization is a scam.

Finally, trust your instincts: If the opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you encounter a predator company or a scam, report the suspicious activity to the JSOM Career Management Center and the UT Dallas Police Department.


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