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Test Your Healthcare Management IQ: Part 1

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Healthcare is a $3 trillion industry according to Dr. Britt Berrett, the director of the BS in Healthcare Management program at the Jindal School. Healthcare is a hot-button issue today, from the Affordable Care Act to public funding of institutions such as Planned Parenthood. But Berrett would like to know: How much do you really know about healthcare? What’s your healthcare IQ? To find out, we’ve compiled a list of trivia questions to test your healthcare management knowledge. Next week, we’ll provide the answers to these questions to determine how much you know about medical management.

1. What is estimated total annual healthcare spending in the United States?

2. What is another name for Obamacare?

3. Healthcare spending is a critical topic for business leaders today. It is estimated that 50 percent of the population consumes less than 3 percent of the healthcare paid for by that spending. How much spending is accounted for by the top 5 percent of healthcare consumers?

4. Healthcare spending per capita in the United States is approximately?

5. The evolution of health services in the United States can be defined into four separate categories. They are?

6. During the World War II era, health insurance become employer-based because of:

7. Which central agency manages the healthcare delivery system in the United States?

8. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which factors contribute most to premature death in the U.S.?

9. Which factor is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States?

Stay tuned for next week’s post to get the answers to these questions. Can’t wait until next week, or have another question? Stop by Dr. Berrett’s office, JSOM 2.411, for a chat!

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