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Pratap's Internship at Bose

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Recent graduate Pratap Surya Chandar Balraj came to the Jindal School from India to earn a master’s degree from the MS in Information Technology and Management program. He began working at Ernst & Young after completing a co-op internship with Bose Corporation. In this interview, Pratap gives students advice not only to help them find their internship but also to find a career they will love.

Bose headquarters in Massachusetts.
Pratap interned at Bose for a year.
Bose celebrated 50 years while Pratap interned there.

Tell us about your internship experience.

I was lucky enough to do my co-op program with Bose Corporation, one of the world’s largest companies in the audio industry. It was a wonderful experience. It took me out-of-state to live in Massachusetts for almost a year, which gave me the opportunity to become a part of such a wonderful organization.

I was doing a variety of things, such as participating in the software development life cycle. Initial phases of this require understanding the business requirements of what we’re developing and learning from research papers. It was very challenging for me in the beginning, but I began cultivating my passion for learning new things. I am really proud of what I accomplished while interning with Bose during the summer and fall. I really enjoyed taking full advantage of the wonderful opportunity I was offered.

Why are internships important?

Using myself as an example, internships are extremely useful for international students. Having experience in the United States will definitely give students an extra edge while searching for full-time jobs. Whether you are international or domestic, having an internship related to your program will give you practical experience while you prepare for your career. You have to search for what you want, and that experience is great for finding a full-time job.

Are there any resources on campus you used to get this internship?

JSOM’s Career Management Center helped me a lot. I remember the days when I had no clue what I was doing and didn’t know I was supposed to provide my résumé during interviews. The job search in my country is totally different from here in the U.S., and the Career Management Center was very supportive in helping me through this transition. Neil Johnson, Amy Forse and Sherri Cook are all great mentors and counselors who know the entire process. Whenever the opportunity arose, I would do mock interviews with them. I learned so much through their help. I am so thankful for JSOM’s Career Management Center and all the resources they gave me, and students at JSOM need to take advantage of the resources we have here. You won’t just end up in an internship, you have to seize the opportunities you are given. Make use of the resources at UT Dallas to get where you want to go.

Bowling with the Bose team.

What do you wish you would’ve known before you got your internship?

The internship with Bose was a dream for me and I never imagined I would end up there. I was very worried about fitting in with my colleagues, who came from top universities like Harvard and MIT. At lunch, we would talk about cutting-edge technological advancements like super-computers and semiconductors. I wish I had known more about this, because my lack of knowledge made it difficult to participate at first. I began to cultivate more of my passion to learn, because that was really all that I had going into this that made me valuable, and that’s all you may have.

What advice can you give students getting an internship?

Getting an internship will be a great opportunity for you to build your future career. First you have to decide what you want to be and go and look for it. There are varying opportunities and facilities around you. Each person you meet and event you attend can be an opportunity for a job, so don’t take anything for granted. Cultivate the habit to knock on all the doors. Even if you don’t have an opportunity in front of you, build a door and make your own. Whatever your dream is, I encourage you to get fully behind it and chase your dream.

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