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Most Read Blog Posts of 2016

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As 2016 comes to a close, let’s take another look at the most read blog posts of the year to find out what you found most compelling. Here are the top 10:

1. Tax vs. Audit: A Q&A with BS in Accounting Program Director John Barden

by Kelcey Piper - September 01, 2015

Q & A blog posts are popular, as evidenced by this one with former SEO specialist at JSOM Kelcey Piper’s session with John Barden, a clinical professor and the director of the BS accounting program. Although posted in 2015, it continued to have traction in 2016. It offers a wealth of information to accounting students who are undecided about which direction they want to take in their chosen field.

2. What They DON’T Teach You in Grad School

by Gaby Mokry - December 05, 2016

This post from Perspectives editor and JSOM social media specialist Gaby Mokry (who is also pursuing an MS in Marketing) offers insight into how to successfully navigate the potential hazards of graduate school.

3. Four Things Not to Do After Graduation

by Michelle Abuda - November 17, 2016

In this post, JSOM alumna Michelle Abuda offers tips on how to best transition from academic life to a career. Her insightful advice also can be useful to anyone trying to live a successful life.

4. The Difference Between ITM and Business Analytics

by Kashif Saeed - November 04, 2016

Kashif Saeed, a senior lecturer and the director of the MS business analytics program, delves deep in his comparison of two programs in JSOM’s Information Systems area that may appear similar on the surface, but have key differences.

5. Overcoming Fears of Moving Starting at Home

by Munashe Chando - November 14, 2016

In life, the only constant is change. Munashe Chando, a senior biology and business administration double major, explores this theme in her popular post about how to overcome fear of new surroundings.

6. Weird Ways to Make Extra Money

by Jill Glass - October 02, 2015

Who couldn’t use a little extra money? Jill Glass, former JSOM and current McDermott Library communications manager, provides students a list of creative gigs and jobs that can help keep them from depleting their bank accounts.

7. Fake News is a Real Problem

by Jimmie Markham - November 29, 2016

Fake news was a heavily trending topic back in November when I wrote this post. It doesn’t seem to have lost much steam since then and it probably won’t abate for quite some time. If the 15 hyperlinks I provided in the post aren’t enough to satisfy your interest in the topic, here’s a link to 3 million more.

8. Keep Your Hunger in Check with Unibees

by Linh Nguyen - September 15, 2016

Ah, yes, free food. Who can resist it? Three enterprising JSOM students understand that need and have created an app that points college students to it. (Update: They’ve since gone on to place second in the Business Idea Competition.)

9. Why Everyone Needs to Take a Programming Class

by Michelle Abuda - December 01, 2016

Abuda’s second entry in this top 10 list extols the benefits of taking a programming class — even if you aren’t an information technology and systems major.

10. Motivational Quotes for Getting Down to Business

by Jimmie Markham - November 18, 2016

What can I say? I like motivational quotes so I wrote a meditation on some of my favorite ones. I may write another post about motivational quotes next semester. I’m still thinking of a theme.

So there you have it. The most read posts of 2016 on the JSOM Perspectives blog. Were your favorites on this list? Did you prefer any other posts? If so, let us know in the comments. We would also be interested in what topics you would like to read about in 2017. Please let us know about those, too. Email your ideas to

Jimmie Markham

Jimmie Markham brings a widely-ranging life and professional experience to his job as a communications manager at JSOM.  As an infantryman in the U.S. Army, he learned to “improvise, adapt and overcome” and that “no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.”  He’s been dealing with the unexpected ever since and, in doing so, has become a skilled and dedicated communications/marketing/customer-service and sales-support professional with nearly 20 years of experience using improvisational, critical-thinking, technical and people skills to advance the interests of external and internal clients. A BA in Art & Performance (creative writing emphasis) from UT Dallas helped polish his natural predilection and passion for the written word. Read more articles

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