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Marketing Career Focus: E-Commerce

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Each of these Marketing Career Focus posts will cover a specific track or specialty track within the MS in Marketing degree program. is a good job search site because at a glance it shows average salaries, years of experience for many midlevel positions, the quantity of available jobs, as well as locations. I looked at 10 to 15 job descriptions from major companies and frequently mentioned skills at such employers as Sanrio, PepsiCo, American Airlines,, and others. However, there is NO substitute for doing your own searches and analyses.

What does an e-commerce manager do?

A person managing online sales for a brand or retailer has multiple responsibilities. These professionals are responsible for online brand sales and the maintenance of a consistent image and message on the internet, particularly on the company’s website. They must know graphics and may manage teams of other designers. Beyond these basics, it is essential for these managers also to have a strong understanding of the web analytics software that the success of a website.

MS Marketing – Digital Marketing specialty track. See the MS in Marketing degree plan for details.

Average years of experience and salary average

The salary range for a manager with three years of experience starts at a higher level: $70,000 to $110,000. Three years of experience seems to be the threshold required for mid-managerial level. Other disciplines such as SEO, PPC, email, and web analytics come together — along with merchandising — at this level of experience.

What is the size of this job market?

E-commerce marketing keywords return 54,429 results in an online job search. If “e-commerce” is used as part of a job title, then the yield is 2,086 jobs.

The charts shown below from and provide examples for this specialty and average salaries in the career area.


Typical job description for an “E-commerce Manager.”

• Ability to translate deep e-commerce analytics into successful website-based campaigns driving both revenue and e-commerce core.

• Create a testing culture to optimize site performance and drive key KPIs.

• Build and manage product forecasts and inventory plans for the e-commerce channel working with retail inventory planning.

• Establish partnerships across product development, merchandising, planning and marketing teams to drive projects to completion and ensure a cohesive customer experience across all touch.

• Work to understand product category needs through input from marketing, customer reviews and customer service.

• Perform item setup for e-commerce, including item descriptions, dimensions, pricing, images, advanced content, links and item-hierarchy product attribution for progressive product.

Skills and requirements

• Bachelor’s or related specialty degree.

• Four to six years creating online merchandising strategies that drive revenue and core e-commerce metric growth while assisting in planning.

• Expertise in e-commerce CMS platforms, Excel, crafting online personalization tactics and optimizing online merchandising.

• End-to-end project management skill set.

• Bonus points for experience in Shopify Plus, Dynamic Yield, MailChimp segmentation and automation, Liquid Pixels (and other image masking technologies).

Top skills mentioned by at least 10 major companies with this job title posting


Courses of special relevance for e-retailing or e- commerce — see course syllabi for the exact lineup of skills because not all are covered in each instance

Data Manipulation - Excel is critical! SQL is very useful but need for it is not as widespread.

OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics

MIS 6320 Database Foundations

User Engagement/UX Design

MKT 6321 Interactive and Digital Marketing

MKT 6365 Marketing Digital Lab

Campaign Management/Email/Push Notification Using Silverpop Automation

Customer Journey Maps

MKT 6341 Campaign Management Lab

E-commerce Management and Related Platforms/Skills — such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Hybris, Magento and Web Analytics Tools

Translate Merchandise Assortment to Drive All Communications, such as Marketing Database, Email, SEO/SEM, CRM/Email, Social Media and Display Advertising Campaigns

MKT 6321 Interactive and Digital Marketing

MKT 6365 Marketing Digital Lab — building/managing a website

Products/SKU Management. Performance Reports.

Product SKU management and fulfillment currently are not covered in available courses.

Web Analytics (Adobe, Google Analytics, Coremetrics)

MKT 6352 Marketing Web Analytics and Insights

Covers Adobe/Google analytics. Some instructors also cover Coremetrics.

No single course currently covers specific mobile-app analytics in detail. MKT 6321 Interactive and Digital Marketing provides an overview.

The MIS 6344 Web Analytics course Is one-third web analytics-Google analytics platform, one-third PPC and one-third SEO, so this course is good if a student wants a general overview. However, the class does not cover any one area in depth, especially not in web analytics.

Associations and Meetups

Most associations in this field are small- and medium-size companies and not members of national associations.

Electronic Retailing Association

Digital Commerce 360

DFW Area Events and Meetups

eCommerce Merchants--Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter

Dallas Internet Retail Meetup

Dallas--Shopify Partners Meetup

Dallas/FW WooCommerce Meetup

Dallas Magento Ecommerce Meetup

Top Internet retailers: See updated lists at

Newsletters and blogs

These are the best resources to stay current on changes in the field:

Internet Retailer

Forrest Retail


Popular Books on E-commerce

Ecommerce Evolved: The Essential Playbook to Build, Grow & Scale a Successful Ecommerce Business, by Tanner Larsson (North Charleston, S.C.: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016)

Product Research 101, by Renae Clark (North Charleston, S.C.: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015)

Alex Edsel

Alexander Edsel is the director of the MS in Marketing program and faculty member who teaches courses in digital marketing. Topics include e-commerce platforms, marketing automation, mobile apps, search-engine optimization, pay-per-click and web analytics Read more articles

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