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Job Analysis for Digital Marketing – Mobile Marketing

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Each of these Marketing Career Focus posts will cover a specific track or specialty track within the MS in Marketing degree program. is a good job search site because at a glance it shows you average salaries, years of experience for many midlevel positions and a job count, as well as locations. I looked at 10 to 15 customer insights job descriptions from major companies and frequently mentioned skills at such employers as Hulu, PepsiCo, American Airlines, and others. However, there is NO substitute for doing your own searches and analyses.

What does a mobile marketing manager do?

In brief, it is the job of the mobile marketing manager to market products and services on digital devices of all kinds — not just smartphones, but ANY portable digital device that has connectivity to the web.

MS Marketing – Digital Advertising and Marketing Specialty Track. See the MS in Marketing degree plan for details.

Average years of experience and salary average

For a manager with three years of experience, salaries start at a higher level: $80,000 to $100,000. Only three years of experience in this field can make you highly competitive for quick pay increases and moves to larger companies. Currently, there is a lack of professionals with quality mobile marketing experience. (Note: Students requiring visa sponsorship tend to receive less money. There are not many sponsorship opportunities in mobile marketing for international students.)

What is the market size?

“Mobile manager” searches return 9,300 results; the skill “web analytics” returns 12,867 jobs.

These charts from and provide examples for this specialty and average salaries in the career area.



Typical mobile marketing job description (from a Hulu posting for “Manager- Mobile Marketing”)

• Drive business and marketing requirements for mobile messaging and analytics platforms.

• Design and execute communication strategy for push notification and in-app messaging (iOS and Android).

• Manage and create quarterly calendars of all campaigns around push and in-app notifications in conjunction with larger CRM/Email program.

• Partner with product, content and brand marketing teams to align messaging with overall marketing strategies.

• Report on push/in-app marketing efforts; create benchmarks for campaigns; communicate all test results and learnings to internal marketing, mobile, product, and data analysis teams.

• Continually set up A/B tests to ensure copy, timing of message, frequency of message, and other factors are optimized; conduct clear and in-depth analysis of performance metrics.


• 3-5 years of work experience in mobile messaging (push notifications/in-app) marketing, email marketing and CRM marketing experience.

• Experience with best practices for mobile push and in-app messaging.

• Working knowledge and experience with platforms such as Localytics, Urban Airship, Pushwoosh, or internally built mobile messaging systems.

• Ability to clearly communicate and ensure implementation of business/marketing requirements working with engineers and developers.

• Ability to gain insights and drive recommendations through data analysis.

• Quantitative skills, including high level expertise in Excel, data validation and reporting analysis.

Top skills mentioned by at least 10 major companies with this job title posting


Courses of special relevance – see course syllabi for exact line up of skills as not all covered in each instance

Data Manipulation/Analysis SQL often mentioned

OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics

MIS 6320 Database Foundations

User Engagement/UX Design

MKT 6321 Interactive and Digital Marketing

MKT 6365 Marketing Digital Lab

Campaign Management/Email/Push Notifications Using Silverpop Automation

MKT 6341 Campaign Management Lab

Mobile Marketing Basics: Knowledge of Strategies Such As Push Notifications, Geo-Fencing and In-App Messaging

MKT 6321 Interactive and Digital Marketing

Leverage Mobile Advertising to Drive App Installations Through Various Mobile Ad Formats, Including Native, Banner, Rich Media, Video Ads

Basic HTML

MKT 6365 Marketing Digital Lab - How to build web-based mobile apps, the kind used in digital advertising. This course provides hands-on practice.

This class Is 50 percent lecture on basic HTML, which is very easy to learn.

Web Analytics (Adobe, Google Analytics, Coremetrics)

MKT 6352 Marketing Web Analytics and Insights - Covers Adobe/Google analytics. Some instructors also cover Coremetrics.

Mobile Analytical Tools, Such As Localytics, Appboy, Mixpanel

No course currently covers specific mobile-app analytics in detail. MKT 6321 Interactive and Digital Marketing provides an overview.

MIS 6344 Web Analytics has one-third web analytics - Google analytics platform only; one-third PPC and one-third SEO. It provides an overview. However, it does not provide depth in any one area — especially web analytics.

Associations and Meetups

Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)

Data & Marketing Association (DMA)

Mobile Marketing & Strategy Dallas

Platforms and Resources for Mobile Apps

Countly – mobile analytics

LukeW – mobile design, UI and trends

Street Fight – Inside the business of hyperlocal

Swrve – mobile a/b testing

Major Professional Certifications

There is no major industry-wide accepted certification.

The DMA has a certification program:

Newsletters and Blogs

Flurry Analytics Blog– mobile a/b testing

Google Mobile Mobile

Mobile Marketer

Think with Google

Recommended Books on Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are, by Cindy Krum (Indianapolis: Que Publishing, 2010)

Mobile App Marketing and Monetization: How to Promote Mobile Apps Like a Pro, by Alex Genadik (North Charleston, S.C.: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014)

Mobile Design Pattern Gallery: UI Patterns for Smartphone Apps, by Theresa Neil (Sebastopol, California: O’Reilly Media, 2014)

Alex Edsel

Alexander Edsel is the director of the MS in Marketing program and faculty member who teaches courses in digital marketing. Topics include e-commerce platforms, marketing automation, mobile apps, search-engine optimization, pay-per-click and web analytics Read more articles

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