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Introducing the CMA Review Course

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The Naveen Jindal School of Management introduced the Certified Management Accountant — CMA — exam review course to help accountants launch their careers to the next level. The course provides great insights that will help you prepare and pass the CMA exam.

Why Become a Certified Management Accountant?

Becoming CMA-certified takes time, effort and money. Is it worth all the trouble? Experts say yes. Those not in the corporate accounting field likely have never heard of the certification. But among professionals in the industry, CMA is very well respected, considered a gold standard in management accounting and arguably the most valued global management accounting certification.

Plus, CMA skills are more practical and generally result in higher pay. Around the world, CMAs get paid a median base salary 61 percent higher than non-CMAs. Are you convinced yet?

About the CMA Exam Review Course

The 15-week course to become a Certified Management Accountant takes place on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on campus. The review will cover Part I and Part II of the Certified Management Accountant exam review material provided by Wiley. The course fee is $1,025 per part or $2,000 for both parts. There is an early bird special of $1,850 if you register by the early bird date. The course fee covers the cost of unlimited access to Wiley electronic course materials and access to industry professionals.

We asked Adrien Dubourg, CMA, CPA, a list of frequently asked questions about the CMA and how it has helped him personally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was getting your Certification in Management Accounting important to you?

I worked in Australia, Spain, France, Canada and now in the U.S. Having an international accounting and financial professional certification was definitely a plus on my résumé. It facilitated interviews, jobs, responsibilities and having additional skills and knowledge on my roles. The CMA is a very well-recognized and valuable certification. It teaches you the right skills for those who want to pursue a career in industry accounting — also called financial accounting — versus public accounting.

It opens doors, expands your network and allows you to grow faster in your career.

2. Tell us about your CMA class. What does the course review/teach?

In 2012, I was a CMA student … and studied using the Gleim review course, while passing both CMA exams on my first attempt. I then started to teach at the University of Dallas on Saturdays and really liked it.

In 2014, I decided to pursue my CPA, which I obtained in 2015. I have been through many tests and exams, I have read both Gleim and Wiley materials end to end, and I’m passionate about teaching. To me, this class is the perfect recipe for success. We will cover Wiley materials in depth, do mock exams and simulations, discuss exercises and questions, apply the knowledge to specific essays and prepare to pass the exam. It will be fun and intense, and students will have tons of opportunities for jobs once they pass these two exams by the end of this year. For more information, I encourage students to read CMA exam tips on my website or to purchase my CMA study guide on Amazon. They will provide all the details you need to put together a successful study strategy.

3. What if you need help in a particular area: Will there be one-on-one time available?

The purpose of these Saturday sessions is to provide students with the best support possible so we will make one-on-one time available.

4. Why do you think it is necessary for someone to get this certification?

Many industry studies from the Institute of Management Accountants and other financial organizations have demonstrated the lack of skills or gaps in knowledge for what is required on the job. Managers, directors and chief financial officers have complained about the quality of young professionals and students out of school. The classic university curriculum is great but not enough nowadays. You need to do more; you need to grow leadership and communication skills, logic, creativity, maturity, risk and thinking outside the box. So a professional certification like the CMA is definitely a must for me. As I mentioned earlier, the CMA opens doors and will boost your career.

5. How is this review class beneficial? Why can’t someone dedicate time and review on their own?

The review class will not preclude you from studying on your own. You will have to do both. It is not either or. You will need to put the hours to study and prepare questions during the week, and the review class on Saturdays will be the perfect way for you to discipline yourself and stay on track, ask questions, discuss concepts you didn’t understand, share knowledge and understanding with other students, better prepare, period.

I studied on my own for the CPA and was successful, but it takes time. The class review is an accelerated way to be successful and pass. The low price is also a no-brainer.

6. What happens if you fail the exam or think it is too hard to commit and you don’t have the time?

Ideally, we want you to pass on the first attempt, but failing on the first attempt can happen. Not a big deal. I failed before and had to re-take the audit portion on the CPA exam. This class is the perfect opportunity for you to start the journey and achieve your goal.

If you fail one part, you can always re-take it a couple of months later and get it done to pass.

We will allow you (based on your motivation and specific acceptance by me and the university) to continue to study with us at no charge until you pass. We want students committed and motivated, but life is full of surprises and sometimes it is hard to put in the required hours every week. We understand, and we will support you and help you. You are not alone.

Register today for the early bird discount.

Gaby Mokry

Gaby is pursuing her MS Marketing program at The Jindal School of Management. Before coming to UT Dallas, she gained experience at traditional and digital advertising agencies. She appreciates a freshly brewed cup of joe and spends her free time surrounding herself with creative projects, Netflix binges and biking on White Rock Lake. Read more articles

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