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Course Registration
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Registration for each semester will begin during the same time each year and students are encouraged to think about the next semester registration early.

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When to prepare for registration
Term Prepare for registration
Spring Late October
Summer Early March
Fall Early March-July

Prepare For Registration

1 Review the Academic Calendar

Important dates will be outlined in the Academic Calendar including the first day of class, last day to register, and payment deadlines.

2 Check Your Enrollment Date

Log in to Galaxy and find your enrollment date/appointment listed on the right side of your Student Center. It will indicate the exact day and time you will be able to add courses (Please note that it is not an actual appointment). Make sure to click on the details if multiple semesters are available.

3 Clear All Academic Holds

Any holds in Galaxy will prevent you from registering in coursework. Review them and work with the corresponding office to remove them early.

4 Update Your Degree Plan

Add your completed coursework to your degree plan to continue tracking your progress. This will help you to determine the courses you need for your next registration. If you are unsure of anything on your degree plan, please contact the Advising Office

5 Research Your Courses in Course Lookup

The class schedule will be available within Galaxy and Course Lookup. You will be adding your courses and tracking real-time course enrollment in Galaxy.

6 Plan your Class Schedule

Choose the days and times of your classes (The Class Schedule Worksheet or Schedule Planner can help you keep track.) Make a note of the section and call numbers as you will need them to add the course in Galaxy.

Additional registration resources are available through the following pages:

Register in Galaxy

Follow the steps below to add your courses in Galaxy. If you encounter any problems, get in touch with us.

You can now register for UTD courses through your mobile device! Click here for directions. Please ensure you have cleared all your holds before attempting to register for courses. If you encounter any problems, get in touch with us.


Important Reminders:

  • Course Lookup is also useful when researching classes. Just keep in mind that the number of available seats listed in Course Lookup has a delay in updating. Make sure to verify course availability in Galaxy.
  • Putting courses in your shopping cart does not mean you are done registering. To add a course to your schedule, you must get to and click on FINISH ENROLLING. Successful registration will be indicated by a green checkmark.
  • Using SWAP allows you to drop and add a course with one step.
  • Always verify your schedule to make sure it is correct.

How to Add a Class?

Find out how to add/register in a class within the ORION Student Center in Galaxy.

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How to Swap a Class?

Find out how to swap a class within the ORION Student Center in Galaxy.

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How to Drop a Class?

Find out how to drop a class within the ORION Student Center in Galaxy.

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Pay Tuition

Pay on time

Review the Payment Information found on the Office of the Bursar’s website to ensure you process your payment correctly and on time.

Financial Aid / Scholarships

If you have received Financial Aid or a scholarship, please follow any pertinent indications sent to you by the corresponding office regarding your tuition.


Pay attention to the deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar and on the Bursar’s Website. The amount you receive will depend on the number of courses you drop and the time of the drop. If not done early enough, you may not receive a refund.