Center and Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics

Mission of the Center and Laboratory

  • A hub for researchers at the intersection of operations management, managerial economics and marketing. Some of the best work in behavioral research comes from cross-pollination of concepts and methods (including outside the realm of research presently considered behavioral). The CLBOE encourages cross-pollinations through researcher networking, seminars, workshops and joint grant proposals, as well as through collaborative PhD mentoring.

  • Promote behavioral research that complements quantitative research. Most important strides in behavioral research have resulted from a focus on testing quantitative models or from using behavioral findings to fashion new quantitative models. The center builds on UTD’s strength in a quantitative approach to research targeted to top journals.

  • Maintain a computer laboratory devoted to experimental testing. The laboratory environment is controlled and can maintain conditions that are conducive to exploring new ideas and concepts. The lab is open to use by researchers across the Jindal School of Management and beyond.

  • Innovation for learning excellence. The CLBOE actively promotes the transition of software and related tools from behavioral research to interactive learning tools for the classroom. The lab also provides research opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students through collaborative efforts with research faculty.

  • Resources for growth.The CLBOE promotes grant proposals to national agencies such as the National Science Foundation and private agencies such as the Russell Sage Foundation.

  • Outreach and interaction with the business community. An important trend in behavior research is the establishment of methods to translate basic research findings into applied science. CBLOE actively promotes connections with the Dallas business community.

Understanding Human Behavior in Economic Decision-Making Contexts

The Center and Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics (CLBOE) provides researchers in operations, economics and other social and management sciences with a laboratory environment in which the object of study can be manipulated in a controlled way (much as lab techniques are used in natural sciences).

The lab houses a computer network designed to simulate business activities such as markets and negotiations. study subjects include auctions, inventory management, bargaining and dispute resolution, electronic markets, mechanism design and decision-support systems.

UT Dallas faculty and students in the JIndal School of Management are welcome to use the CLBOE for research purposes. The CLBOE is also available to demonstrate games and markets to graduate students. First priority is given to research. Contact Us for more information.

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