Internship Stories — JSOM Experiences from the Field

Tom Kim with students

Tom Kim (standing), assistant dean and director of the JSOM Career Management Center, discusses the center’s services with some students.

Since fall 2014, Jindal School undergraduate students have been required to complete an internship as a graduation requirement.

“That requirement is a good thing,” JSOM Assistant Dean Tom Kim, director of the school’s Career Management Center, says, “because it makes students think about career paths and professional goals long before they graduate.”

And equipped with the experience of applying for and going through one or more internships, “they are better prepared for job searches and less likely to postpone them when graduation is near,” Kim adds.

The Career Management Center helps students and alumni to enter and succeed in the workforce in numerous ways, and a new CMC Web page, Internship Stories, is meant to be one of them.

It will recount personal stories from students, report on internships as a part of some JSOM programs and check in with businesses that have provided internships to add tips and insights.

Internship Stories launches with narratives from graduating seniors Saron Zekiros and Andrew Dodson and graduating MS in Marketing major Laura Su. All have jobs waiting for them upon earning their diplomas.

Read about them on the Internship Stories page and check in regularly for more.

Saron Zekiros

Saron Zekiros

Andrew Dodson

Andrew Dodson (left) and Tom Kim

Laura Su

Dr. Howard Dover (left) and Laura Su