Online Tool Simplifies Networking With JSOM People


Networking is the “it” concept for 2017.

By even modest assessment, 50 percent of available jobs are never posted. Just Google “network to find a job” and wade through thousands of stories with basically the same message: You must reach out to people you know or can get to know easily to find the best jobs.

For college students and alumni, the deepest, richest source of contacts is often their university network. Jindal Connect, a new networking platform, provides a personal experience specifically for JSOM students, alumni, professors, staff and friends. Users will be able to quickly grow their network, learn about relevant events, create interest groups or just keep up with other Jindal School people.

Jindal Connect home page Online Tool Simplifies Networking With JSOM People
The Jindal Connect home page

Benefits include:

1. Adding photos of your get-togethers with other JSOM students and/or alumni.

2. Reconnecting with friends and professors from your time on campus.

3. Creating interest groups, using the “Pages” function. Do you want to get a soccer team together for league play or maybe have a once-a-month sushi-eating dinner group? What about a group that goes to sporting events together in the DFW area? Go to, sign up (it takes less than two minutes using your LinkedIn account) and then go to the “Pages” tab at the top. Create your group and start inviting friends. You are in complete control, messaging them about upcoming functions, schedules or important information.

4. Finding alumni who are already at a company or in the career you aspire to join. If they have indicated on their profile that they would be willing to talk, you can reach out and ask them for their advice. Hint: Of those who are using Jindal Connect now, 85 percent have agreed to help other alumni with their job search in some fashion. About 66 percent are willing to act as mentors or offer advice in their career area.

“We have a lot of enthusiastic participation from our alums,” says Erica Yaeger, the Jindal School assistant dean for development and alumni relations. “Actually, I’m pretty excited about the possibilities. We have the opportunity to connect alumni by graduation year, or by degree, or by interest — or by all three. If you want to start a book club with other JSOM finance alumni, this platform will make those connections easy to establish.”

Membership is open to JSOM students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends, and no formal invitation is needed to join.

Jeanne Spreier


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