Healthcare IT Excellence Earns Alumna Minority Business Leader Award


Naveen Jindal School of Management alumna Rashmi Mehta Jain has been named a winner of a 2020 Minority Business Leader Award by the Dallas Business Journal. The honor recognizes individuals in the North Texas business community for their outstanding leadership in business and the community.

Healthcare IT Excellence Earns Alumna Minority Business Leader Award
Rashmi Mehta Jain 

Jain, MBA 2008, is the chief information officer at Careington International Corporation, a privately held discount healthcare company based in Frisco, Texas. Having received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Delhi University in India before coming to the United States, Jain joined Careington in 1999 as an information technology operations team member. After about six months, she was promoted to director of IT.

“I was just out of college,” she said, “and I told them I didn’t feel like I had enough professional experience to handle the challenge of being director so early in my career. But Careington recognized my potential and said they believed I could handle it. So, I was in the right place at the right time, and I found the right home.”

After getting settled into another new position at Careington several years later, Jain realized she needed something to bolster her confidence in IT health. “I started looking at MBA programs, and I found the program at UT Dallas,” she said. “It was the first year that the school had offered an MBA [with concentrations] in information systems and healthcare, and it was perfect for me.”

Jain was a full-time student at JSOM, attending evening classes. “Everything I learned in the program was applicable in my job,” she said. “I would learn something in class one day and go to work the next day and be able to use that information. I still use so many things in my work that I learned there.”

Receiving the award has given Jain a strong personal sense of accomplishment, she said, and she gives some of the credit to the company that hired her 20 years ago. “As a woman working in technology, I’m fortunate that Careington is a woman-centric company. All of its C-level leadership except one are women, which, I’ve come to realize, is fairly rare in the business world.”

Jain will be honored, along with the other 2020 recipients of the Minority Business Leader Award, at a luncheon on Feb. 5 and featured in the Minority Business Leader Awards Special Publication in the Feb. 7 issue of the Dallas Business Journal both in print and online.

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