From South America to Texas, Finance Student Focuses on Making an Impact

From South America to Texas, Finance Student Focuses on Making an Impact
Sebastian Cadario

Sebastian Cadario has several reasons why he chose to pursue his graduate finance education at the Naveen Jindal School of Management, including impressive rankings and the reputation of JSOM in the business community. But there was another reason ─ being close to his beloved Dallas Cowboys.

A native of Santa Cruz, Bolivia ─ where soccer reigns supreme ─ Cadario became a Cowboys fan in his youth and gets goosebumps when he thinks about his first game at AT&T Stadium. But football was not his only interest as a child. From an early age, he loved numbers and excelled at math.

When it came time for university, Cadario knew he wanted to study in the United States. He found his way to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, earning a bachelor’s degree in finance and management before returning home to Bolivia to begin a career in banking and, later, insurance. Eventually he wanted more.

“I always wanted to do a master’s degree. That was my dream,” Cadario said. “And with political strife in my country, I thought it was now or never if I wanted to go back to the U.S.”

Now in his second year of the MS in Finance program and on track to graduate next year, Cadario uses the knowledge and professionalism he gained through his work experience, combined with his passion for helping people, to make an impact on campus.

From South America to Texas, Finance Student Focuses on Making an Impact

Last summer he was the student assistant for the eighth annual nationwide UT Dallas Top Trader Competition for high school students. Participants were given $1 million in virtual currency to invest in a stock market simulator over eight weeks. Cadario kept the students engaged with weekly contact.

From South America to Texas, Finance Student Focuses on Making an Impact
2018 Top Trader third-place finisher Karthick Arunachalam (back to camera) being congratulated by (from left) BS in Finance Director Drew Peabody, Finance Senior Lecturer Frank Anderson, Sebastian Cadario and Top Trader Manager Kristin Spain

“I needed someone who could just take the responsibilities and run with them,” said Kristin Spain, academic support coordinator for the BS in Finance program and Top Trader manager. “Sebastian gave the students something more than just the competition.”

While his main task was to write and distribute a weekly newsletter, Cadario sent two each week. One focused on the competition rankings, and one was investment-related news and resources for the students.

“When I was younger and learned the stock market wasn’t just about numbers, but about projection, it made me fall in love with math all over again,” he said. “I wanted to help the students find their own investment strategies for the competition, but in doing so I learned so much from this information too.”

From South America to Texas, Finance Student Focuses on Making an Impact
Carolyn Reichert

Spain praises Cadario for his “amazing work ethic,” and Dr. Carolyn Reichert, clinical associate professor and MS in Finance program director, echoes that praise. She has witnessed Cadario’s hard work through his involvement in the Graduate Finance Management Council. Cadario joined in January 2018 as part of the organization’s inaugural class of students who serve as ambassadors of the program and peer mentors. The application process looks for students who are engaged and committed.

“His enthusiasm, commitment, patience and knowledge have made him a valuable ambassador and mentor,” Reichert said.

While Cadario developed many skills through professional experience, he credits his work ethic to his mom, who raised him on her own and whom he never saw complain about working hard. While being away from her is difficult, he is excited about a future in the States after graduation.

“Ideally, I want to stay [in Dallas], get a good job, build a family and find a way to give back,” Cadario said. “And of course, go to every Cowboys game.”

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