Yexiao Xu, PhD

Yexiao Xu
Associate Professor, Finance and Managerial Economics
PhD, Princeton University, 1996
MA, Princeton University, 1994
MS, Brigham Young University, 1992
MA, Brigham Young University, 1991
FIN 6301 Financial Management
FIN 6310 Investment Management
Current / Recent Research
Professor Xu’s research interest covers stock market volatility, the pricing role of idiosyncratic risk, factor models, predictability, mutual fund performance, tax and closed-end fund discounts, the Chinese and the Japanese equity markets, and adaptive estimators. Currently he is working on a number of topics including, analyst research and return comovement, the partial factor structure, heterogeneity in leverage, short sale interest, and restoring the explanatory power of the beta measure.
Awards and Recognition
Professor Xu has won the 2001 Smith-Breeden prize for a study on idiosyncratic risks–one of the most prestigious awards in Finance. Recently he has won many awards from several conferences. His published and working papers have generated over 1,900 citations. Hi research has also been cited in The Wall Street Journal , The New York Times, Financial Times, Money Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Business Work; and other financial media
Published Works
List of Published Works