Metin Cakanyildirim, PhD

Metin Cakanyildirim
Professor, Operations Management
PhD, Cornell University, 2000
MS, University of Waterloo, 1995
BS, Bilkent University, Turkey, 1993
OPRE 6302 Operations Management
OPRE 6366 Supply Chain Management
OPRE 6377 Demand and Revenue Management
OPRE 6389 Managing Energy: Risk, Investment and Technology
Current / Recent Research
Supply Chain (Inventory and Revenue) Management; Transshipments
Partial/asymmetric information; Forecasting and capacity planning
Awards and Recognition
2007: Harold W. Kuhn Award from Naval Research Logistics Journal for the paper “A General Strategic Capacity Planning Model under Demand Uncertainty”
2005: Wickham Skinner Early Career Research Award from Production and Operations Management Society
2004: Outstanding Industry Contributor from the Center for Intelligent Supply Networks
2002: Best paper in scheduling and logistics from IIE Transactions Journal for “SeDFAM: Semiconductor demand forecast accuracy model”
2006-2008: ARP grant in applied mathematics by Texas Education Board: “Statistical Updating Methods in Risk and Decision Analysis: Applications to Supply Chains”
2005-2008: NSF grant in applied mathematics: “Inventory Control with Partial Observations and Inspections”
2006: Printed goods industry – Rediform Grant: “Forecasting Demand and Optimal Ordering”
2007: Heating and ventilating industry – Lennox grant: “Study of the Uncertainties in Air Conditioning Demand”
1996-2000: Semiconductor industry – Semiconductor Research Cooperation Grant: “Forecasting and Capacity Planning,” participated as a Ph.D. student
Editorial board, International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
Editorial board, Risk and Decision Analysis
Professional Organizations
The Institute For Operations Research and The Management Sciences (INFORMS)
Production and Operations Management Society
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
Global Association of Risk Professionals
Published Works
List of Published Works