Daniel Sibley

Daniel Sibley
Associate Professor of Instruction, Finance and Managerial Economics
(972) 883-5201
L.L.M., Southern Methodist University, 1984
J.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 1977
BBA – Accounting, The University of North Texas, 1973
ENGY / FIN 6336 Energy Accounting and Taxation
FIN 6335 Energy Finance
ENGY 6330 Energy Law and Contracts
MECO 6318 Energy Economics and the Cost of Regulation
ENGY / FIN 4313 Energy Finance
ENGY / MECO 3340 Energy Law and Contracts
ENGY 3302 Managing Power and Renewable Energy Assets, Sustainability
ENGY 3301 Managing Carbon Assets: Oil, Gas and Coal
Professional Organizations
State Bar of Texas
Prior to joining the faculty of the Master of Science in Energy Management program at The University of Texas at Dallas, Dan Sibley served for 22 years as the General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer of a privately-owned oil and gas company and as the attorney for 10 affiliated publicly registered partnerships engaged in crude oil development and production. For the 18 years immediately preceding those activities, he engaged in the private practice of law. Prior to practicing law, he practiced as a CPA, a license that he has not maintained while practicing as a lawyer.
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