Alexander Edsel

Alexander Edsel
Professor of Practice, Marketing
Director, MS Marketing
(972) 883-4421
MBA, The University of Texas at Dallas, 1996
JD, University Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1988
Principles of Marketing
Digital and Interactive Marketing (graduate and undergraduate)
Marketing Automation & Campaign Management
Current / Recent Research

Trackable: Business in an IoT & Biometrics World

Trackable provides a comprehensive overview of the IoT and Biometric market and opportunities for leveraging these in consumer markets. The book also provides a high-level overview of the underlying technologies driving the IoT and Biometrics. However, the emphasis of the book is on the business side. Some of the main topics covered are:

  • Impact of the IoT on the Customer & Buyer Journeys
  • Key IoT & Biometric Markets & Technologies – e.g., Ambient Computing, Wearables
  • Data & Technology Challenges - e.g., sensor data processing & hygiene
  • Machine Learning 101
  • Digital Tracking-location and mobile app tracking
  • Identity Resolution & Cross-Device Tracking
  • Business Models: Digitization, Outcome Subscription Models & New Revenue Streams
  • Techniques & Skills - Service Blueprints, Design Thinking, Contextual Marketing, Marketing Automation, Modular Designs, Auto-replenishment, Anticipative Sales, Beacons, Facial, Hand & Voice Payments
  • Voice: Branding, Strategies & Tactics (Skills and Actions)
  • Face & Voice Emotion Analytics
  • Retail & Video Analytics
  • The Role of Loyalty Programs & Privacy Law Restrictions
  • Overview of Privacy Restrictions, Best Practices, and Social Scoring

Breaking Failure©: (Financial Times Press-Pearson). Breaking Failure proposes adapting and applying three scientific techniques from other disciplines to business areas such as marketing, product management, sales and strategic planning. This concept is called a knowledge domain transfer. Other sections of Breaking Failure, explore the 80/20 of business mistakes and ways to prevent or mitigate them through additional approaches using case studies from Motorola, New Coke and Microsoft. The last section of the book addresses those instances when failure prevention or turnarounds are not possible or desirable—and offers a pre-planned exit strategy roadmap with checklists and key considerations. The epilogue discusses other challenges and opportunities in the field of failure prevention with the emergence of machine learning.

Professional Organizations
American Marketing Association (AMA)
Product Development and Management Association (PDMA)
American Advertising Federation-Dallas (AAF-Dallas)
DFW Search Engine Marketing Association
Mobile Marketing Tier I Certified
Google Adwords & Web Analytics Professionally Qualified
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