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Proposal Deadline – June 1

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

  • Multi-school sessions are highly encouraged
  • Timeliness of the subject matter
  • Topic’s contribution to the field
  • Clearly stated purpose and objectives
  • Creativity in an approach to a situation or in ways to manage it
  • Adaptability of ideas to a variety of institutional settings
  • Reflective of good writing practices

Presentation titles should be descriptive of the content of the session. They need not reflect the title of the conference. Presentation titles should be short and concise. Priority will be assigned to proposals that demonstrate new ideas or methods, or indicate a high level of knowledge and unique treatment of the topic. Proposals from inexperienced, as well as experienced presenters, researchers, and practitioners are earnestly solicited.

Please read before submitting

Session Title

Submit the title as you wish it to be printed in the program.

Include the complete title of the presentation, but do not include your name.

Session Abstract

Submit the title as you wish it to be printed in the program.

150-word limit.

The format will not be retained after online submission. This abstract will be published in the printed program should your proposal be accepted. Conference participants use session abstracts to determine which sessions to attend; therefore, it should accurately describe the content and focus of your proposed session. Enclose cited publications in quotation marks. PLEASE proofread your abstract.

Session Outline

750-word limit.

The proposal should state the presentation’s objectives and clearly describe how objectives will be met (materials, methods, activities, etc.) Refer to evaluation criteria above. There is a 750-word limit on the session outline.

Session Format

If you choose “Individual Presenter” as the format you wish to present, please be specific in your abstract on how much interaction will take place in your session. Individual Presenter sessions are 60-minute presentations. Please indicate Q&A time.

If you choose “Panel” as the format, the panel is required to be formed by the person submitting, must have a moderator and is expected to represent the perspectives of more than one institution.

Multi-school sessions are highly encouraged.


Only co-presenters who will actually be at the conference should be listed. You may have many persons who worked on your project, but we list only those presenters who will be making the actual presentation.

Audio/Visual (AV) Requests

Please indicate specific equipment essential to deliver your presentation. Technology should be utilized only when it significantly enhances the quality of your presentation. Please be conservative in your request and consider alternatives.

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