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The process of delivering goods and services sounds simple but often leads to either shortages or surpluses. The Center for Intelligent Supply Networks (C4iSN) combines research by renowned faculty members, the work of bright student minds and the supply chain challenges of regional companies to produce groundbreaking solutions. The center’s mission is to be a recognized leader and premier provider of product lifecycle and supply chain management education, research, consultation and information for individuals and organizations.

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SCM/OM Capstone Projects

Note: this folder is only accessible to Jindal School Operations Management faculty.

Project Folder

Companies interested in sponsoring a joint research project should contact Divakar Rajamani at or call (469) 371-4300.

Selected Projects/Testimonials

For a listing of current OM faculty, including links to their research interests and other professional activities, please visit the Supply Chain/Operations Management Faculty page.

OM Faculty

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OM Faculty Publications
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