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The process of delivering goods and services sounds simple but often leads to either shortages or surpluses. The Center for Intelligent Supply Networks (C4iSN) combines research by renowned faculty members, the work of bright student minds and the supply chain challenges of regional companies to produce groundbreaking solutions. The center’s mission is to be a recognized leader and premier provider of product lifecycle and supply chain management education, research, consultation and information for individuals and organizations.

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SCM/OM Capstone Projects

Note: this folder is only accessible to Jindal School Operations Management faculty.

Project Folder

Sample Industry Projects:

  • A E PETCHE, Reducing scrap in manufacturing
  • ACCENTCARE, Improving patient visit scheduling efficiency
  • ACHIEVE GLOBAL, Improve sales team productivity
  • ADVERTIZING CO., Reducing downtime of billboards
  • AEGON TELEMARKETING, Improve paid rate
  • AFTAC, Improving warehouse operations
  • AP PARTNER, Increase enrollment yield
  • ASC, Reducing defects in manufacturing of components
  • AUTO FIN COMPANY, Improving funding process to dealers
  • BANK, Reducing duplication of signature cards
  • BAYLOR, Improved care of patients after discharge
  • BBA AVIATION, Lost and damaged reduction
  • BILLBOARD, Improving the accuracy in the contract approval process
  • BLOCKBUSTER, A journey to continuous improvement
  • BLOCKBUSTER, Carton error rate reduction
  • BLOCKBUSTER, Improving inventory accuracy
  • BLOCKBUSTER, Process improvement
  • BLOCKBUSTER, Reducing cost of order processing
  • BLOCKBUSTER, Reducing freight cost
  • BLOCKBUSTER, Reducing packing material cost
  • BLOCKBUSTER, Reducing product inspection cost
  • BLOCKBUSTER, Reducing the sorter downtime
  • COCA COLA, Improving equipment parts management
  • COCA COLA, Increasing fill rate
  • COMMUNICATION DEVICES CO., Improving rate of production
  • CORE KITS INC, Improving delivery lead time to customers
  • DAIRY MANUFACTURERS INC., Improving margins
  • DAL-TILE, Improving Picking Accuracy
  • DISTRIBUTION COMPAN,Y Improving handling of misplaced goods
  • DR PEPPER, Reducing revenue leakage
  • DR PEPPER, Improving HR processes
  • ESI, Improve in-warranty repair process
  • FEDEX, Improve paper punching process quality
  • FEDEX, Reducing packing and shipping damage claims
  • FEDEX, Reducing waste, improving order conversion
  • FUJITSU, Slow moving inventory
  • HOSPITAL, Increase ER patient handling flow rate
  • HOSPITAL, Inpatient admission time reduction
  • HOTEL, Reducing revenue loss, increasing room bookings
  • INNERWIRELESS, Improving marketing lead generation efficiency
  • INTUIT INC, Reducing defects, moving quality upstream
  • J C PENNEY, Improving handling of inward merchandize
  • J C PENNEY, Improving recovery in product returns
  • J C PENNEY, eCommerce Improving information visibility
  • J C PENNEY, Improve design of gift card carrier
  • J C PENNEY, Improving claim management with ocean carriers
  • J C PENNEY, Improving handling of vendor complaints
  • J C PENNEY, Improving inventory management
  • J C PENNEY, Improving supplier selection process
  • J C PENNEY, Improving turnaround of ideas suggested by employees
  • J C PENNEY, Improving utilization
  • J C PENNEY, Reduce variation of employee productivity
  • J C PENNEY, Smoothening flow in cross-docking process
  • J C PENNEY, Sourcing Commodities – Improving pricing data accuracy
  • J C PENNEY, Speeding up delivery instructions to suppliers
  • LINEAGE POWER, Improving quality of supplier components
  • LUMINANT, Bandwidth constraints at remote sites
  • MARY KAY, Improve demand forecasting
  • MARY KAY, Reducing days in the bulk batch documentation process
  • MARY KAY, Reducing documentation rework for international shipping
  • MARY KAY, Reducing rejections in manufacturing
  • MEDICAL CENTER OF PLANO, Increasing patient throughput
  • MEDTHODIST MEDICAL, Improving turnaround time – operating room
  • NETWORK HARDWARE RESALE, Improving goods receiving process
  • NTCB, Improving contract renewal process
  • OPTEX, Improve on time delivery
  • PFG, Reducing processing cost of expedited customer orders
  • PRIMEMAIL Rx, Improve first time delivery
  • RAC, Revenue Management (class project)
  • ROSENBERGER, Reducing order processing time
  • SACHEM AMERICA, Improving order delivery time
  • SHOPPA, Reducing PO entry time
  • St SARKIS CHURCH, Improving attendance
  • SYZYGY, Improving shipping accuracy of small packages
  • TEXAN CAN ACADEMIES, Improving efficiency of registration
  • TRIMBLE (Software), Reducing errors in production
  • TRONOX, Improving efficiency of inventory management
  • UNKNOWN, Reducing delays in assembly operations
  • US ARMY, Reduce number of personnel delinquent on charge card
  • USA SHADE & FABRIC STRUCTURE INC., Improving product painting process
  • UT Southwestern, Improving patient satisfaction
  • WEIR, Reducing supply lead time of critical parts

Companies interested in sponsoring a joint research project should contact Divakar Rajamani at or call (469) 371-4300.

Selected Projects/Testimonials

For a listing of current OM faculty, including links to their research interests and other professional activities, please visit the Supply Chain/Operations Management Faculty page.

OM Faculty

For a listing of OM faculty publications, please visit the OM Faculty Publications page.

OM Faculty Publications

Selected Industry Sponsored Research Publications:

  • Optimizing a Country’s Currency Supply Network, IISE Transaction, Vol.19, Issue.2, pp.223-237, 2017.
    Authors: Huang, Y., Geismer, N., Rajamani, D., Sethi, S., Sriskandarajah, C., Carlos, M.
  • Inventory and Shipment Polices for the Online Movie DVD Rental Industry, Service Science, Vol.7, No.4, pp. 249-271, 2015.
    Authors:Jung, K.S., Chung, C., Niu, S-C., Sriskandarajah, C.
  • A Sales Forecast Model for Short-Life-Cycle Products: New Releases at Blockbuster, Production and Operations Management, Vol.21, No.5, pp. 851-873, 2012.
    Authors: Chung, C., Niu, S-C., Sriskandarajah, C
  • Pricing and Logistics Decisions for a Service Provider in the Cash Supply Chain, Production and Operations Management Vol. 21, No. 5, 954-974, 2012.
    Authors: Mehrotra, M., Dawande, M., Mookerjee,V., and Sriskandarajah.C.
  • Value of Local Cash Reuse: Inventory Models for Medium-Size Depository Institutions under the New Federal Reserve Policy, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Vol. 13, No. 4, 508-524, 2011.
    Authors: Yunxia Zhu, Dawande,M. and Sriskandarajah,C.
  • A Depository Institution’s Optimal Currency Supply Network under the Fed’s New Guidelines: Operating Policies, Logistics, and Impact, Production and Operations Management Vol. 19, 709-724, 2010.
    Authors: Mehrotra,M., Dawande,M.,  and Sriskandarajah,C.
  • An Analysis of Coordination Mechanisms for the U.S. Cash Supply Chain, Management Science Vol. 56, No. 3, 553-570, 2010.
    Authors: Mehrotra,M.,Dawande, M., Mookerjee,V., and Sriskandarajah,C.
  • A Short Range Scheduling Model for Blockbuster’s Order Processing Operation, Interfaces, Special issue of Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice Award, Vol.41, No.5, pp. 466-484, September-October 2011. (Finalist, Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice Award (INFORMS), 2010)
    Authors: Chung, C., Dawande, M., Rajamani, D. And Sriskandarajah, C.
  • The Impact of RFID on Supply Chain Performance, Technology, Operations and Management, Vol.1, No.2, pp.3-13, July 2010.
    Authors: Gayle, T., Rajamani, D., Reyes, P.M. and Sriskandarajah, C.
  • Optimal Overbooking Limits for a Two-Dimensional Cargo Problem: A profit maximization approach, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 2012

    Authors: Moussawi, L. and Cakanyildirim, M
  • A Framework for Risk Management in Supply Chains, Supply Chain Risk Management, published by Icfai University Press, 2009.
    Authors: Rajamani, D., Sriskandarajah, C., Pickens, T., and Hameed, S.
  • Mitigating the risk of supply disruptions: a case study, Int. J. Operational Research, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp.131-151, 2009.
    Authors: Manoj, U.V., Dawande, M., Rajamani, D. And Sriskandarajah, C.
  • Two-dimensional cargo overbooking models, Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing Special issue of European Journal of Operational Research, 2009
    Authors: Luo, S., Cakanyildirim, M and Kasilingam, R.G.
  • Production and Transportation Integration for a Make-to-Order Manufacturing Company with a Commit-to-Delivery Business Mode, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. 9.2., 206-224., 2007.
    Authors: Geismer,N., Dawande,M., Rajamani, D., and Sriskandarajah,C.
  • A framework to analyze cash supply chains, Production and Operations Management, Vl.15, No.4,pp. 544-552, Winter 2006.
    Authors: Rajamani, D., Sriskandarajah,C. and Geismar,N.H.
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