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Why Hire Millennials?

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The work ethic of millennials has been a much-discussed topic lately. Certain professionals/industrialists are convinced that millennials are not as good a workforce as the previous generations. So, after reading tons of articles about this topic, I decided to add the perspective of a millennial.

I would like to clarify that for those of classified as millennials, our birth era describes a period when technology grew so fast that we saw the computer develop through its 50 shades, when riding a bike was once for fun and not to lose weight; when playing on streets (at least in some countries) was a part of growing up — which the present generation just bypassed — when you had to wake up once the alarm bell rang because there was no snooze button.. We are the generation who, as young kids, saw the mobile phone made commercially available and are witnessing our tiny tots now play with a thousand-times advanced version of them.

Being a millennial myself, I would like to put forth certain points that I am sure most of my peers would agree with. The reasons we should be hired are as follows:

We are innovative

If you are a millennial, you know this, and if you have worked with a millennial you must have already experienced this. We never come out without a Plan B. It’s always there, followed by a Plan C and a Plan D. The kind of innovations that we have seen around us in our daily lives while growing up and around the world has brought out the innovative streak in us.

We are hardworking, smart workers

Yes, we are. With the kind of competition that we saw from an early age, the competitive spirit has been right there all along. From who rides the bike the fastest to who gets promoted first, when 20 of us are hired at the same time, we have the right spirit and the attitude to make it big by working hard toward our goals. But in the era of endless competition and jam-packed schedules, hard work doesn’t suffice. Our generation came up with yet another term to qualify the kind of work we do even if doesn’t fit the 24 hours’ schedule. That’s when the “smart work” kicks in. I would rather call my kind a little laid back and not lazy. We like taking breaks when we know our mind and body need them. But if you pay attention, you would notice that we turn in those papers at the time we promised. So, we channel some of our energy from the hardworking domain, chill out a little and put it in the smart-working domain.

We manage money

From early childhood, we have seen the currency change its value around the world. Millennials were brought up to be independent, self-sufficient and self-motivated. Hence, the number of young billionaires you see these days is way more than one has ever seen in the history of mankind. The rest of us don’t intend to take credit for these few, but we take pride in what we deserve to. We have the ability to manage our financial standings at the worst of times. We aren’t scared of taking small jobs to keep moving toward the big goals and keeping a roof over our heads, and even in the middle of such pitfalls we take a break and have that Starbucks that we crave.

We are multi-skilled

You will not find any of us coming to you for a job with just one skill. Actually, you will not find any of us come to you for a job with skills limited to just one domain. We bring variety to the table. We are jacks-of-all-trades, and it wouldn’t take us long to master them, once we know, which one in the market will take us to the next level.

We work hard, and we party harder

Our hard work does not stop us from letting our hair down every once in a while, unlike previous generations. We aren’t reserved about weekdays being only meant for work. It is widely known that the levels of stress our generation deals with are much higher than what our parents dealt with, and we know exactly how to deal with that stress. We all find our own ways to find the peace we are looking for; be it partying until morning or meditating from that moment onward. We can take care of our own selves.

We plan for the future but live in the moment too

Unlike our parents, we do not keep pushing plans into the future. If we want to visit Disneyland, it is now. Also, if there is a sudden financial emergency, you will find us ready. So, we basically are future-ready like our parents, but we never forget to live in the moment either. This trait, I believe has basically evolved in us due to the rapid changes that we have seen around us in very short spans of time, constantly reminding us, that change, is the only constant. So do it while you can. Hence, most startups by millennials have a working culture so different than other established firms and that makes them a great place to learn and grow.

A lot of what goes into this article can be found covered in the video by CNN titled ‘Are Millennials 'entitled' or just underpaid?’ Our generation has the highest level of education with the highest number in education debts. But we are still thriving and living through life with high ambition. Another report from the Whitehouse by the Council of Economic Advisors gives a quick insight on the way our generation is shaping up their careers through education.

I have tried to address a lot that is being said about us, the millennials here. If you're a millennial and would like to join in to answer any queries that our Gen X, Y, Z counterparts may have comment below!

Ritu Pandey

Ritu is an MS in Information Technology and Management 2015 alumna of JSOM. She calls herself a business analyst by profession and an author by heart. She explores business opportunities and ideas writing. You can find her traveling, drinking coffee, reading, eating or dancing, if not hitting the snooze button. You can read her personal blog. Read more articles

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