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All Staff Has a Voice at UT Dallas

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What is the Staff Council?
Who are council members?
When does the Staff Council meet?

I am Jackie Schmitz, and I am part of the external affairs and corporate development staff at JSOM. I enjoy my job so much in part because of all the interesting people I meet. However, my work often limits me to my office or my floor, so one day, I decided to join the Staff Council to meet more of my UT Dallas peers outside JSOM. The experience has been exciting, and I would love for more staff members to join. If you are looking for ways to participate on campus, I invite you to learn more about the Staff Council.

What is the Staff Council?

Staff Council is comprised of representatives from each district within UTD. UT Dallas has six districts, and JSOM is part of District 3. We representatives advocate for our staff on staff-related issues, address staff suggestions, and, most importantly, we serve in an advisory role to UT Dallas President Richard Benson.

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Who are council members?

Benefits-eligible staff members who have worked for the University for six consecutive months may be nominated to serve on the council as a representative. Anyone may nominate a candidate, or candidates may self-nominate. Campus districts elect representatives to serve two-year terms. Once elected, representatives:

· Serve on one of four standing committees

· May be selected to serve on a University-wide committees

· May run for the president’s or vice president’s offices, which are elected annually by the council to serve one-year terms.

This is my second year on the council, and I’ll be seeking re-election in July. Staff Council has introduced me to new staff around campus. By working on the Staff Development Committee, I have met people with different roles within departments outside JSOM. I enjoy representing JSOM at the monthly meetings, and I hear the buzz and heartbeat of the campus as a whole.

When I asked Staff Council President Brooke Schafer, a degree plan evaluator in the Office of Graduate Education, to comment on the benefits of council service, she responded to my email almost immediately. “Staff Council is a great way to develop your leadership and communication skills further,” she began. “Being a representative allows you to collaborate with other staff and learn from one another as you work on various committees. Through Staff Council, you are able to contribute to campus discussions on policy and items that directly impact staff. The experience of being a staff council representative allows you to connect with your fellow colleagues, helping create and foster an inclusive environment.”

When does the Staff Council meet?

The council holds monthly general meetings, as well as staff engagement and appreciation events throughout the year. Representatives also have to service on a standing meeting. Staff Council also sponsors scholarships for UT Dallas staff members and awards to support and recognize UT Dallas’ outstanding staff members. Have in mind that missing more than two consecutive Staff Council meetings or a total of more than four Staff Council meetings per year; or, missing more than two consecutive Standing Committee meetings or a total of more than four Standing Committee meetings per year is considered deficient attendance.

Learn more about opportunities to serve in the Staff Council Bylaws.

In the next blog about the Staff Council, we will discuss the committees within Staff Council and what each committee contributes.

Each of us has a voice. Please submit any suggestions or questions to:

Jackie Schmitz

Jackie Schmitz

Jacqueline “Jackie” Schmitz is an Administrative Services Officer in the Jindal School’s External Relations Department. She is seeking a second term on staff council. Jackie has spent her UTD career within JSOM and is currently in an administrative person in the Dean’s Suite. She graduated from UNT with a degree in journalism/public relations. In her spare time, Jackie enjoys attending live concerts, taking care of her cat, Chester, social media and when she can, she scuba dives. She earned her Master Diver Certification in 2012. Read more articles

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