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Go, Pro Sales Team! Winning at the Collegiate World Cup of Sales

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What is the Professional Sales Concentration all about?
Our Pro Sales experience

UT Dallas Sales Team Wins the International Collegiate Sales Competition

What is the Professional Sales Concentration all about?

The Professional Sales Concentration is an academic specialization offered by the Jindal School Marketing Area that you can choose to earn as you pursue a bachelor's or master's business degree. This concentration prepares young professionals for the world of sales through a set of rigorous course work, role-play sales competitions, workshops, speed- selling competitions, networking events and strong mentorship sponsored by such companies as Beck Technology, IBM, HPE, Liberty Mutual and others that support the program, participate in its events and recruit professional sales students for their teams.

Our Pro Sales experience

The International Collegiate Sales Competition, held at Florida State University, is one of several university-based sales contests that dictates and measures the quality of a university sales programs. For one weekend, 80 sales teams from all over the world come together to participate in role plays, case competitions and speed selling. This year, our very own UTD Sales team placed in all of these challenges and earned the new top honor, the Collegiate World Cup of Sales.

Role-play competition

In the role-play competition, students have 15 minutes to complete a needs assessment, present a product demo, and close on a specific product. They must act as if they are working for a real company. If the competitors do well, they advance to the next role play.

Speed- selling competition

In the speed- selling competition, students sell themselves to recruiters or sales leaders from corporate sponsors. Participants talk for two minutes and then receive one minute of feedback. The goal of this competition is to introduce yourself, show the value you bring, and schedule another time to talk.

We thank our coaches Howard Dover, Semiramis Amirpour, Jerome Gafford and team for their hard work and determination to win the championship. We can't wait to bring home more victories for UTD Sales. Stay tuned!

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Farah Nashat

Farah Nashat

Farah is a Marketing major at UT Dallas with a sales concentration, she is also the VP of Marketing on the UTD Sales board. Her passions are sales, fashion, makeup and travelling.  Read more articles

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