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MyJSOM App 2.0 – Bring JSOM to your Pocket

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Linh P. Nguyen (left) and Yulu Zhang with the new version of the MyJSOM app on their mobile devices.

I am lucky enough to be a part of the MyJSOM app launch not once, but twice. Back in 2014 when the app first came out, I was a social media student worker for JSOM Web Services and was getting my bachelor’s degree in marketing. Two years have gone by, and now I’m back for grad school, just in time to welcome the new generation of the MyJSOM app. With enhanced user experience and optimized performance, the app is an essential gadget for those who want to stay involved on campus.

Here are my top reasons why you should get it now:

MyJSOM Events
MyJSOM Right Now
MyJSOM Directory

MyJSOM Events – Your Pocket Calendar

How many times have you heard of an event after it happened? Probably a lot, since there’s always so much going on in the Jindal School. MyJSOM Events gives you quick access to event details, such as date, time, location and who is going to speak.

MyJSOM Right Now – Your Pocket Radar

That moment when you know something’s supposed to be happening right now but can’t remember what it is… MyJSOM Right Now is here to help. It shows you all the events and classes that are going on in real time. This is particularly useful at the beginning of the semester when you’re scrambling around trying to memorize your schedule, find your classes and attend all the career events.

MyJSOM Directory – Your Pocket Contact Book

MyJSOM Directory allows you to easily look up professors’ names, office numbers, as well as their interactive emails and phone numbers. Think of it as having everyone’s contacts on your phone without having to actually save them.

MyJSOM Room Map
MyJSOM Course Book

MyJSOM Room Map – Your Pocket Navigator

The coolest thing about the app in my opinion is the map function, which provides a visual guide for those who are not yet familiar with the building layout, or for those who have been around for five years but still manage to get lost — like me. No more wandering around the hallways and being late for my appointments.

MyJSOM Course Book – Your Pocket Catalog

As students, we can all relate to the hassle during class registration period and the pain of not getting in the classes that we want. Now with MyJSOM Course Book, current and future courses are at your fingertips, and you can plan your next semester’s schedule ahead of time.

From Student Orgs to Course Book, JSOM Perspectives blog to Inside Jindal School news center, the MyJSOM app has it all. Get ready to bring JSOM to your pocket and let us know what you like and dislike about the app in the comments below!

Download for free on Android and iOS.

Linh P. Nguyen

Linh is a social media student worker at the Jindal School. She graduated with a BS in Marketing in 2015 and is now earning her MS in Business Analytics. If you too are obsessed with good design and unpopular music, look for her at Read more articles

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