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My JSOM Journey

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Hello! My name is Priyanka, and I am pursuing a masters degree in Information Technology and Management. I joined UT Dallas in fall ’14, and so far it has been the most wonderful journey in my life.

We learn from experiences good or bad, some that we face in life and some of them from the people who share their experiences with us. I wouldn’t call myself an avid reader, but I love to spend time reading interesting blogs because I feel they give you the gist of things to carry with you for the rest of your life. Before coming to the U.S., I came across a very interesting blog on pursuing graduation from business schools, and one thing that I remember it said was: “Find what you love and let it kill you.” [Editor’s note: Quote Investigator includes an entry on the origins of this saying.] Things I love, yes, I want to let them “kill me,” and I decided to join JSOM for my masters degree.

When I look back, I would say that there were two paths for me to choose from. One was being a regular student, maintaining good grades and playing it safe; the other one was a little more interesting. It was about challenging myself by taking up new courses (JSOM offers a highly flexible coursework; it lets you experiment), crossing my limits, taking risks, achieving something memorable and making each bit count. Being on my toes and working hard to get what I wanted, I gained achievements worth mentioning: I got a volunteer teaching assistantship; I became secretary of the Dean’s Council and secretary of the SAP Users Group (and there are a few more on my list that I am working on.)

There are many things that you need to do as an international student joining JSOM. Finding an on-campus job; it is challenging, very challenging! It’s not just about being the right candidate but also about the right time and right day. I struggled hard to get this one as each morning for two weeks, my schedule included leaving home early and standing for hours waiting to impress the manager. Finally, I got lucky and started working as a Comet Cafe cashier. I don’t think any other job can teach you as much as this little one did! I am a better person today, stronger and more confident.

Being a JSOM student, I realize and greatly appreciate the fact that every student here is brilliant — with a unique background and excellence — so you have a good surrounding to learn from, which creates a healthy competition.

The faculty here are extremely supportive in shaping a student’s career, and they value each student. I want to make special mention of the associate dean of graduate programs, Dr. Monica Powell. She has been my mentor, and I would always reach out to her for not only career advice, but just anything. She has all the energy and the ideas in this world! Dr. Luell (Lou) Thompson, advisor of the SAP Users Group, has been the greatest source of encouragement. I can’t thank him enough for trusting my caliber and giving me an opportunity to serve SUG as its secretary. Information Systems faculty member Judd Bradbury is a great teacher, a man of action and has a great experience to learn from — which certainly inspires me to strive hard in life!

I am currently doing an internship at Thermo Fisher Scientific as an SAP implementation analyst. I am really excited about my life after graduation. Post-JSOM, I would like to work in a company that aligns to my career interests and would enable me to apply all my ideas and knowledge that I gained here.

I appreciate every bit of these beautiful college days. Trust me, JSOM will never fail to surprise you. Life at JSOM is about meeting new people, making your own new family, learning from mistakes (I made a couple of them and learned a lesson for life), trusting your instincts, being socially aware of things going on around you and having that self-awareness that will keep you strong and going in difficult days. It all definitely is worth it. Go, Comets!

Priyanka Palkar

Priyanka Palkar

Priyanka is a graduate information technology and management student. She is the Secretary of Dean's Council and also holds a post of Secretary for SAP User's Group. Prior to JSOM, she has her Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and has work experience of 2 years in IT industry. Priyanka comes across as a highly motivated, cheerful and positive girl. Her hobbies include traveling, arranging events, networking and socializing. Read more articles

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