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How to Stay in Touch After Graduation

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Congratulations to everyone who has graduated recently!

Over the course of your time at the Jindal School, you made and those still at JSOM will make countless connections that you’ll want to keep. You never know when it will be beneficial to know someone at a target company, or to know an individual in an area you are curious about. The connections you make while in school are invaluable, and there are many ways to maintain those relationships.

Email Your Professors With Updates

Always start the email off with how you know them — which of their classes you took, and when you took it — to help jog their memory as to who you are. Let them know where you’re working, and how their class helped you get to where you are.

Add Your Group Members on Social Media

On LinkedIn, you can add a personal note to their profile to remind you how you know the person. Write down the class and semester so that you don’t forget. There are also alumni Facebook groups available for you to join based on major or location.

Visit Campus on Days Off

If you are visiting campus, reach out to past professors and classmates and let them know that you are coming. If their office hours line up, you may have the opportunity to visit past professors and to let them know how you are doing. If you are a recent graduate, consider meeting up with your classmates who are still working on their degree.

Attend Alumni Events

Look for local alumni events in your area, and attend when you can. Even if you meet fellow alums from a different graduating year, you will likely have had overlapping professors and similar classes. The Office of Alumni Relations also regularly sponsors and hosts events on and off campus, such as the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center Grand Opening taking place on Thursday, September 7.

Join JindalConnect

JindalConnect allows you to search through fellow Jindal alumni and find those who work with you, or those that work at a company you may be targeting. You may even need services that one of your old classmates could offer, and JindalConnect may be your quickest way to reconnect.

Many individuals build their success through the people who they know. Don’t lose those powerful relationships that you gained while in school. Stay in touch with both faculty and classmates, and you might find those connections beneficial in the future.

Michelle Abuda

J. Michelle Abuda earned her BS in Management Information Systems and MS in Business Analytics from the Naveen Jindal School of Management. Currently, she works at Crowe Horwath as a Regulatory Compliance Risk Consultant in the Columbus, Ohio office. During her time at JSOM, she was actively involved as a leader on the Dean's Council. She helped found the JSOM Book Club, as well as the TEDxUTD Club. Read more articles

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