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How to become a Student Ambassador

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What is a Student Ambassador?
5 Perks of Becoming a Student Ambassador
Finding the Best Ambassador Opportunity for You

If you have ever thought of putting your business skills to the test or even wanted to understand the business world, becoming a student ambassador could be for you!

When I was a freshman, I always wondered what opportunities I could search for that would be beneficial in my journey as a marketing student. In my pursuit of exposure, I stumbled upon UT Dallas Dining Services and their need for a new marketing ambassador. Before I knew it, I started my sophomore year as their new social media marketing ambassador responsible for UTD Dining’s Instagram page. During my time here, I learned what it takes to be part of the marketing department of a company.

There are other ways to become a student ambassador. Some students become an ambassador for the University as a whole. In contrast, others look for programs or companies that they are passionate about and want to represent. Either way, ambassadors gain experience and benefits that help them increase their business skills.

What is a Student Ambassador?

A student ambassador ranges from someone who represents their university to a student who wants to represent a degree program within the university or a company’s brand. Most student ambassadors are involved in sharing information and offering their knowledge to an audience, focusing on their university or a particular brand. A successful student ambassador is passionate, likes to connect with other individuals and gets involved in various activities.

5 Perks of Becoming a Student Ambassador

1. Networking

One thing that I love about being a student ambassador is the connections I create with people. Working with others who have goals and passions similar to mine allows me to make more meaningful connections. In addition to this, I never know who will come into my life and the opportunities that they will bring. These networks act as a reliable source for any recommendation letter in the future, a friendly advice corner or even a lifelong friend.

2. Paid Opportunities

A great reason to become a student ambassador is that a lot of these opportunities are paid. Sometimes, this can count as a part-time job or even an internship — which, as all business students can agree, is a huge plus.

3. Flexibility

In addition to paying student ambassadors, companies that work with them understand that academics come first. That’s why the majority of ambassador programs give flexible times that work around your schedule! You decide how many hours you want to work, and instead of causing stress or tension, being an ambassador becomes a good stress reliever.

4. Experience

As I’ve mentioned, student ambassador opportunities are an amazing way of gaining experience. There are countless ways of putting your skills to use or even learning a new one. If you have ever worried about how you will get your dream job without having the necessary experience to be considered for it, look for ambassador opportunities first. Not only will you learn what you are capable of, but you will surprise yourself with the skills you learn on the job.

5. Enjoyment

Lastly, a student ambassador opportunity is fun! While you are developing new skills and experiencing what it is like to be part of a business, you also find ways to enjoy it. Whether it’s meeting new people or participating in the various required events, there is always something that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Finding the Best Ambassador Opportunity for You

UT Dallas has an excellent Student Ambassador program that allows students to become more involved on campus. Ambassadors may assist with events organized by the president and help at student events such as Oozeball or the Ring Ceremony.

Other ambassador opportunities focus on a person’s interests and skills. For example, JSOM NOVA student ambassadors are responsible for representing the Naveen Jindal School of Management and participating in various student events. One of the most significant benefits of successfully completing this program is a recommendation letter from the Jindal School Dean Hasan Pirkul.

Ambassador opportunities at the graduate level exist in the Jindal School in the Accounting, Full-Time Business Administration Professional Business Administration Flex, Finance, Information Technology and Management, Marketing and Supply Chain Management programs.

Lastly, various reputable companies give students opportunities to work as a brand ambassador. This is a great way to earn experience, create relationships and understand what it is like to be part of a business. Some of the most well-known companies that work with UT Dallas students include Redbull, Coca-Cola and Bumble.!

If these opportunities sound like something you would be interested in, I recommend giving them a chance. You never know how it will positively affect your life. 

Sofía Martinez-Murillo

Sofía Martinez-Murillo

Sofía is a junior undergraduate Marketing student who is passionate about digital marketing and branding. She is currently a Social Media Marketing Ambassador for UT Dallas’ Dining Facilities and is a member of the Professional Program in Marketing. In her spare time, she is most likely volunteering for organizations such as UNICEF or painting with her friends.  Read more articles

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