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Five Jindal School Professors Earn Teaching Awards

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Five Jindal School professors were honored as this year’s outstanding teachers. The recipients represent a range of backgrounds and academic areas. 

Graduate Teaching

Dorothee Honhon

Dorothee Honhon, associate professor of operations management: Honhon earned her doctorate at New York University and her undergraduate degree at University of Liege, Belgium. She joined Jindal School in 2013 and teaches operations classes. “I enjoy ‘performing’ in the classroom, making the students laugh while keeping them engaged,” Honhon says. “I love seeing them nod in a way which means they understand what I am saying.”

Undergraduate Teaching

Parneet Pahwa

Parneet Pahwa, clinical assistant professor of marketing: Pahwa earned her doctorate in marketing at UT Dallas and joined the faculty in 2015. She teaches principals of marketing classes. “Teaching is not about giving a sermon,” Pahwa says. “It is a two-way street. I teach my students as much as they teach me.”

Online Teaching

Maria Hasenhuttl

Maria Hasenhuttl, clinical assistant professor and area assistant coordinator for organizations, strategy and international management: Hasenhuttl earned her MBA and her doctorate in international management studies from JSOM. She started the first Toastmasters Club at Jindal School soon after she joined Jindal School faculty in 2009. The school now hosts four Toastmasters clubs. "I enjoy using new and different ways to get my students engaged and excited about the topics I teach. The best part is when I hear that what they learned in my courses helps them make better decisions that improve their work life," she says.

Teaching by Adjunct Faculty

Sonja Corbin

Sonja Corbin, lecturer in marketing: Corbin earned her MBA at TCU and her undergrad degree at UT Austin. She first came to Jindal School in 2013 and teaches a variety of marketing classes. She previously was on faculty at SMU in Dallas and Villanova University in Pennsylvania. “The dynamic classroom environment and immediate feedback from our bright students are two elements I love about being a marketing lecturer at JSOM,” Corbin says. “But some equally memorable experiences have come in the form of brainstorming sessions with highly motivated and engaged students trying to break into the marketing world or build their own brand.”

Teaching by a Teaching Assistant

Xiaoou Bai

Xiaoou Bai, PhD candidate in International Management Studies: Bai came to Jindal School in 2015 after earning her MBA at University of Oxford and an undergraduate degree at Shanghai University. She’s taught international management classes. “I feel I make a real impact with students when they analyze a business issue and talk about their career goals,” Bai says. “When I encounter them after class and even after the semester finishes, they are … excited to let me know they got an offer from their dream school to study their master’s degree or they did well in a job interview.”

Jeanne Spreier

Jeanne Spreier

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