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Expectations vs. Reality

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As I saw the signs of The University of Texas at Dallas on Campbell, a lot of emotions and thoughts crossed my mind. I had many expectations that have changed throughout these first four weeks of the semester.

One expectation I had was that now that I would be in college, I would be by myself with the help of no one. Indeed, that quickly changed. I found that the staff and professors are willing to help any student who asks. This also goes for peers. My idea of upperclassmen not wanting to interact with freshmen changed, because not only does no one know what year you are in but also students are willing to share their college experience and any other helpful tips.

Also, when listening to lectures I thought I would be the only who would not capture the information instantly. In one instance, in my math lecture, the professor asked the class who did not understand the example, and I along with others had our hands raised. I realized I was not alone, and my peers erased any doubts I had.

I was also not sure about the college life on campus; I imagined students studying 24/7. In reality most students know how to balance their time, having a social life and attending events. As the Welcome Week events took place, I experienced the spirit of UTD and its students. They were eager to wait in a long line for cupcakes, demonstrate their unique dance moves to “Lean On,” “Uptown Funk” and other catchy songs at the Silent Disco, and display their love for water slides at the Rec N’ Wild event.

For sure I knew the campus would be diverse, and it is. For that reason, I thought it would be challenging to celebrate individual heritage holidays and events. To my surprise, last night there was a Hispanic Heritage kickoff event, and I was able to eat Mexican street food “corn in a cup” and enjoy the music of mariachis. Furthermore, I realized I will be able to hold on to my Latin heritage and background.

To conclude, not all my expectations were met, but in reality I am glad to be a Comet and ready to #whoosh it up to the next years of my life.

Jennifer Garcia

Jennifer Garcia

Jennifer (Jenny) Garcia is a sophomore majoring in global business and is honored to be a student at UT Dallas. She is passionate about the business world and community involvement. At UT Dallas, she is part of the Academic Bridge Program, Career Management Center Ambassador Program and Association of Latino Professionals For America. In her spare time, she loves watching shows and taking photos around the Dallas-Fort-Worth area. Read more articles

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