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Enthusiasm and Reverence a Way of Life for Accounting Graduate Student

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Dual-degree accounting and MBA graduate student, HD Barot

For JSOM dual-degree in MS Accounting and MBA graduate student Hardeek (HD) Barot, enthusiasm and reverence toward everything and everyone are a way of life. His zeal toward this approach to living is evident, beginning with his heartfelt gratitude toward Kathy Zolton, senior lecturer in accounting, and continuing throughout the conversation I had with him recently. Instead of writing the story of the conversation, I decided to share the audio of the interview I did with him to let you hear for yourself.

Jimmie Markham

Jimmie Markham

Jimmie Markham brings a widely-ranging life and professional experience to his job as a communications manager at JSOM.  As an infantryman in the U.S. Army, he learned to “improvise, adapt and overcome” and that “no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.”  He’s been dealing with the unexpected ever since and, in doing so, has become a skilled and dedicated communications/marketing/customer-service and sales-support professional with nearly 20 years of experience using improvisational, critical-thinking, technical and people skills to advance the interests of external and internal clients. A BA in Art & Performance (creative writing emphasis) from UT Dallas helped polish his natural predilection and passion for the written word. Read more articles

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