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Enrolling in the MS in Accounting Cohort: Outstanding Support for a Leap of Faith

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Unlike most students who attend a graduate program, I had been in the workforce for six years before making the decision to return to school to earn my master’s degree. After working at numerous government agencies and seeing firsthand the value of having an accounting background, I made the decision to take a leap of faith and return to school. The decision was not easy, but the faculty of the UT Dallas MS in Accounting Cohort program in the Naveen Jindal School of Management provided me outstanding support for my transition from working professional to student.

In the MS in Accounting Cohort program, by far the best impression was the first one. Before classes began, those of us in the cohort were invited to attend a two-week orientation seminar, where we would have the opportunity to get to know one another. As one of the older students, I found this opportunity very beneficial. The first few days we were broken up into different groups to be taught improvisation by the great staff at Dallas Comedy House. Throughout three days, they encouraged teamwork, flexibility and, most importantly, comedy so that we would be able to go outside our comfort zone and begin bonding. I believe the experience was amazing and a great icebreaker with those with whom I would be working for the next two years.

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Timothy Truong

Timothy Truong

Timothy Truong is a Naveen Jindal School of Management student enrolled in the MS in Accounting program. Read more articles

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