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The Emotional Story Behind Management School

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It was 7 in the morning, and my mom woke me up. After a few moments of silence, I exclaimed with joy. It was the first time I was a COMET. The excitement continued. Coming from India, I had landed in a completely new place, Texas, only a few weeks prior. As time had passed by, this new place started to charm me. People were no longer unknown, places became familiar, and new memories started to build. JSOM provided more than I had expected — beautiful architecture, a great faculty and amazing resources; but soon I realized it was much more than a management school.

Irrespective of the practical world of business, people are often driven by emotions. They have their own stories. Stories behind why they choose to be away from home, and some even away from their countries. Stories behind what dreams they follow and the stories how these dreams originated.

For me, each step, from filling the college application to arriving at the college, was marked with emotions: Anxiety at the time of filling application forms that converted to excitement at the time of receiving an admission to JSOM; nervousness of shifting to a new place to a sense of calm and peace when seeing my dream in front of my eyes for which I had put in so much hard work.

During their journey at the management school, people make JSOM their new home. It is a phase of life that teaches in all perspectives. Apart from course curriculum students learn much more outside class. JSOM provides various opportunities to rediscover yourself, to feel special about yourself and to be different. Taking part in events, meeting new people and learning different cultures are part of daily life over here, and amidst the busy schedule emotions again turn into lifetime memories.

These memories include meeting new people and becoming friends. JSOM has no boundaries of major, age or nationality. You can be friends with any other COMET. And having friends is always a good part of college. The clock ticks, and the friendships grow stronger, and the stories grow side by side. Stories of not only successes but also hard times are enjoyed. Every coin has two faces — if success comes, it will be the successor of hard times…starting with hard times on the emotional front — missing home and family. But COMETS take these emotions in stride. JSOM is full of diversity and students from across the globe.

I too faced a series of emotions coming to this new place. There was a story behind my decision to come here and emotions attached to it — like all of you all must have had. This place is always open to all, and part of your life is given back to this place.

After all, JSOM is a collection of stories, dreams and aspirations of individuals coming from all walks of life. It is a journey in which people inspire each other. Individuals here are hardworking, talented and supportive. Do not get stressed. If you feel less motivated or low, just take a look around. Neither this place nor its people will ever stop surprising you.

Amisha Singh

Amisha Singh

Amisha is a graduate student in the ITM program at the Naveen Jindal School of Management. She is enjoying her journey at JSOM and learning new things. Read more articles

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