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Business of Healthcare Podcast Episodes 1 Through 81

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Business of Healthcare Podcast: All the Episodes So Far

You may have noticed we used to regularly post The Business of Healthcare Podcast here on JSOM Perspectives, but haven’t in a while. Well folks, you’re in luck — we’re revamping The Business of Healthcare Podcast library on the blog.

We’ve organized our content in a new way and are sharing more and more, so we thought it only fitting to bring you up to speed.

Below you’ll find a list of all our episodes so far. We’ve been actively producing podcasts and sharing them on all regular podcasting platforms. Going forward, we’ll be linking our podcast episodes here so you have the chance to check them out right on our blog.

Here is a list of all the episodes of The Business of Healthcare Podcast that have been published so far. Anyone interested in learning more about the ins and outs of the healthcare industry will benefit from listening to them, as they provide a wide-ranging overview of the business side of the healthcare house.

Whether we’re interviewing medical professionals, healthcare administrators or faculty members and researchers, our show covers a wide range of topics.

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Episode 1: Bending History

Episode 2: Dynamic and Growing Challenges

Episode 3: An Interview with Healthcare Industry Leader J.R. Thomas

Episode 4: Preparing for a Healthcare Leadership Position

Episode 5: Onsite Visit at Texas Health Allen

Episode 6: A Graduate Student and Her Professor Discuss Healthcare

Episode 7: Applying Kotter’s Eight Steps to Healthcare

Episode 8: Dr. Jim Rickards and Oregon’s Coordinated Care Model

Episode 9: Dr. Marilyn Moon on Pricing Transparency

Episode 10: Interview with Dr. Jason Wolf of the Beryl Institute

Episode 11: Innovative Healthcare Solutions— Getting From Bench to Bedside 

Episode 12: VUCA and the Bitter Pill

Episode 13: Apps, Pricing Transparency and Sigma Six for Healthcare

Episode 14: Mabu the Healthcare Robot

Episode 15: What Is the Future of Healthcare?

Episode 16: Telemedicine Could Become the Future of Acute Care

Episode 17: Mark Madden on Soft Skills Healthcare Leaders Need

Episode 18: Educational Requirements To Pursue a Healthcare Management Career

Episode 19: Dr. Britt Berrett Appears on KLIF Radio Show Leading the Way

Episode 20: Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Top Healthcare Talent During Physician Shortage

Episode 21: Healthcare: To Ration or Not to Ration?

Episode 22: A Look at the Chaotic and Complex Healthcare Insurance Industry

Episode 23: Health Insurance Costs, Part 1

Episode 24: Health Insurance Costs, Part 2

Episode 25: How Cognitive Computing Can Break Down Silos Between Healthcare Providers and Payers

Episode 26: The Human Factors’ Approach to Redesigning and Improving Healthcare Delivery

Episode 27: Market-Based Models in Healthcare

Episode 28: How To Become a More Effective Healthcare Consumer

Episode 29: How Medicare Bundled Payment Initiatives Can Be Used Successfully in Commercial Healthcare Markets

Episode 30: Curtailing the Effects of Social Determinants on Spiraling Healthcare Costs

Episode 31: Massively Replicating Existing Fixes in Healthcare

Episode 32: The Evolution of Telemedicine to Virtual Health

Episode 33: The Role of Primary-Care Physicians in Transition to Value-Based Care

Episode 34: An Insider's Advice for Entering the Healthcare Management Field

Episode 35: Could the U.S. Government Soon Compel Healthcare Price Transparency?

Episode 36: Business-Savvy Nurses

Episode 37: Company Offers Fresh Way to Do Healthcare Benefits

Episode 38: Aligning Financial Incentives with Quality Incentives

Episode 39: How Charities Help Patients Pay for Out-of-Pocket Prescription Costs

Episode 40: The Impact of Medical Interpretation on Healthcare

Episode 41: Hemp Farmer Jim Pollock and the Rise of CBD Oil

Episode 42: The Age of Healthcare Consumerism

Episode 43: Filling Medical Staffing Gaps

Episode 44: Dr. Marty Makary Discusses His Plan to Fix Healthcare

Episode 45: Heroes to Healthcare

Episode 46: Digitally Connecting RNs With Healthcare Facilities

Episode 47: The Various Flavors of Medicare for All

Episode 48: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Healthcare

Episode 49: Healthcare Reform Through a Financial Lens

Episode 50: The Tensions in the Current Healthcare Coverage Landscape

Episode 51: Digital Transformation in Healthcare — What to Expect in 2020 and Beyond

Episode 52: Health as the North Star, with Don Taylor

Episode 53: The Promise of Health Hubs

Episode 54: How Will Gene Therapy and Editing Affect the Healthcare Industry?

Episode 55: Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

Episode 56: An Interview with Dr. Pat Basu, CEO of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Episode 57: Podcast Pivots to the Pandemic

Episode 58: Forget Business as Usual — a Hospital Adapts to COVID-19

Episode 59: Hospitals Are Community Pillars During Pandemic

Episode 60: Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Episode 61: The Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Revenue Cycles

Episode 62: Taking the Helm of a Major Pediatric Healthcare Organization

Episode 63: Transformational Leadership for Physicians

Episode 64: Dr. Vivian Lee Discusses Her New Book, The Long Fix

Episode 65: Smart Telemedicine

Episode 66: Can Medical Debt be Abolished?

Episode 67: Brain Health

Episode 68: Contact Tracing and Other Pandemic Data

Episode 69: Agile in Healthcare

Episode 70: Fee-For-Service — The Accidental Healthcare System

Episode 71: An Inside Look at an Organ Procurement Organization

Episode 72: New Approaches to Kidney Care

Episode 73: Transforming the Patient Experience in the Digital Ream

Episode 74: Modernizing Clinical Trials

Episode 75: The Johnny Appleseed of Healthcare Fixes

Episode 76: Healthcare from the Millennial Perspective

Episode 77: 5g Networks in Healthcare

Episode 78: What Mission-Drive Value-Based Care Looks Like

Episode 79: An Overview of Health Savings Accounts

Episode 80: What is Population Health?

Episode 81: Healthcare 2.0: A Case Study

Remember, you can always listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify and Stitcher, Tune In, via RSS feed or on your favorite podcasting app.

Jimmie Markham

Jimmie Markham

Jimmie Markham brings a widely-ranging life and professional experience to his job as a communications manager at JSOM.  As an infantryman in the U.S. Army, he learned to “improvise, adapt and overcome” and that “no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.”  He’s been dealing with the unexpected ever since and, in doing so, has become a skilled and dedicated communications/marketing/customer-service and sales-support professional with nearly 20 years of experience using improvisational, critical-thinking, technical and people skills to advance the interests of external and internal clients. A BA in Art & Performance (creative writing emphasis) from UT Dallas helped polish his natural predilection and passion for the written word. Read more articles

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