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Best Study Spots On and Off Campus

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Semi-quiet Study Spots:
Noisy Study Spots:

With the school year starting, it’s time to think about your study habits and the types of study environments that benefit you most. This may be the strangest back to school we’ve had yet, but that doesn’t mean our study habits should suffer. Whether you prefer super quiet or a decent level of background noise, surely one of these study spots will fit your study needs.

Your room just might not be good enough when crunching out a final exam study session or finishing a big project on deadline. Even during social distancing, we may need to gear up and go somewhere for a change. Here’s a list of some of the best studying spots on campus and off campus, including my personal favorites and other UT Dallas students’ suggestions.

Editor’s note: We realize the status of these facilities is fluid due to COVID-19; please check with the individual spot you’d like to visit before venturing out. For all things COVID-19 UT Dallas related, visit COVID-19 Information. 

Quiet Study Spots:


McDermott Library: The library is a great place to get some work done in a quiet setting. Students are always in the basement and the second-floor quiet room trying to finish assignments or get tutoring. The study-oriented environment might help you focus better, too. Just make sure you're not near the entrance where it's always noisy.

Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center Garden: The garden is a very underrated spot for the people who like to be outdoors when they study. Wait for some nice weather and study by the sound of small water fountains for the ultimate aesthetic. There are only three tables; so make sure you get there quickly!


Parks: Some fresh air and a change of environment might be good for your brain. A personal favorite is White Rock Lake. There are benches all around that you can use to study. You can even pack a little picnic lunch and eat by the lake. Make sure to check out Russell Creek Park, recommended by a UTD student. You could also get some running before or after studying to really get your blood pumping!

Restaurants and Coffee Shops: A good snack or a coffee could help you during your study break. Check out Mudleaf Coffee and Flower Child. They're both very relaxing and will help you get your work done.

Honorable Mention: Cecil H. Green Hall (Top Floor), UT Dallas Theatre (Bottom Floor), Frisco Public Library

Semi-quiet Study Spots:


Dorm Study Rooms: Even if you're an upperclassman, the dorm study rooms will never get old. Residence Hall West's study rooms are the most popular. While they are usually quiet, the occasional person that will pass by and other people in the room will keep it a little lively. You could even put something on the TV while you study. It's also a great way to meet new people and have group meetings.

Founder's Building: The first floor of Founder's is an easy access study spot and relaxation area for most students who are about to take an exam or just want to watch Netflix. The third floor is for when you want to get some serious studying done. Plus, it provides a great view of the Student Union and people walking by.


Desserts and Drinks: Whether you need an extra caffeine boost or a nice dessert, all of these options are reliable go-to cafes and study spots. Cafe Brazil for a bottomless coffee option; Sweet Hut Bakery has some of the best fresh pastries around; and Feng Cha and Ding Tea are arguably two of the best Boba spots. Even if you're not going to study, these spots are great for a post-exam hangout. Thank me later.

Honorable Mentions: Frogg Coffee and Crêperie

Noisy Study Spots:


Student Union: Possibly the busiest part on campus, the Student Union is always full of energy. If the sounds of table tennis, pool, and people laughing aren't enough to keep you awake, you can grab a coffee from Starbucks or a smoothie from Smoothie King for a healthier option. The building is full of places to sit and its proximity to other buildings means you can get your work done in between classes.

Dining Hall West: Hear me out on this one. The DHW isn't the best dining option, but it's convenient and a great study area, especially for all the incoming freshmen that have meal plans. You'll find people studying there before a big school-wide exam like calculus or chemistry, and you can join them for a last-minute study session.

JSOM 2: Leaving the best on-campus spot for last, JSOM 2 is a bustling area for all business majors. Get a quick snack from Jason's Deli and sit by the stairs. The room with the running ticker and people in business clothing will give you an energy boost and help you get your work done.


Coffee and Boba: Just like the last couple of categories, these places are a great place to grab something to drink and finish your studying. Fat Straws and Java Land are very close to campus. Additionally, their board games and music make them very energetic.

Honorable Mentions: Library Lobby, Student Services Building Addition

Whether you're an incoming or returning student, make sure to save this article for a future date. Trust us; you'll need it. Make sure to stay safe during the pandemic, follow CDC guidelines and always have a mask on you, even in the quiet places. Do you have any spots that you would like to share with others? Leave a comment below!

A website has been launched to serve as a hub for all UT Dallas information on the coronavirus outbreak and will be updated periodically with new information as it becomes available.

Mohammed Zakaria

Mohammed Zakaria

Mohammed is an international student pursuing a double major in Finance and Economics. He was born in Egypt but lived in Saudi Arabia his whole life. He cherishes his international high school experience as it has allowed him to learn and accept many cultures and traditions, making him a valuable asset to any team. He is fond of the cultural diversity at UT Dallas. Currently, Mohammed is advancing his technical skills through online programs and projects.  Read more articles

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