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Assimilating into the MS in Accounting Cohort: Benefiting from UT Dallas

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As an international student, I came to study at The University of Texas at Dallas in the MS in Accounting Cohort program with some indirect knowledge of the university that I gained during the application process. After what I had imagined and the assumptions I had made, arriving on campus was an eye-opener.

Now, having gone through half a semester spending all my time and energy adjusting, transitioning and catching up, I have begun to learn through my firsthand experience of studying abroad and from the close university community around me. Although I am a foreign student, I have been assimilated as a member in this community that embraces diversity and different perspectives. Although I still have the majority of the journey ahead of me for a two-year program, I have already benefited from the diverse campus that enlivens and nourishes the learning environment in different ways.

First of all, the program and curriculum design have multidimensional effects on students’ learning, capacity building and self-understanding. One thing that I find unique is the encouragement in each and every way for students to have active thinking, listening and participation in discussions in and out of the classroom. The interactive curriculum instruction invites students into a reasoning process beyond information acquisition and through which students augment each other intellectually.

The requirements for intensive and extensive reading motivate and challenge students to go beyond the assignments to pursue learning for long-term professional development. Students have opportunities conduct projects and practice what they learn, which I truly enjoy.

For example, there is one course, ProConnect, which is a project-based course for students to practice problem-solving for local companies experiencing challenges due to a lack of resources. About 10 companies are invited to introduce the programs and needs of their companies each semester. Student teams are formed to collaborate with the targeted companies for outcome-based solutions that provide students with practical experience. Through this course, students gain meaningful opportunities to build skills in teamwork, effective communication and collaboration. This is a win-win for participating students as well as companies. Moreover, all these activities make me more aware of how to manage my time effectively and beneficially.

Second, the university library is a real treasure and crucial resource for learning and research. I always go there with curiosity and leave with surprises. The digitalization of information makes the library accessible and convenient.

Third, this is a very attentive and supportive learning environment for students from different backgrounds and with various learning needs and potentials. Support services, such as the Writing Center and Business Communication Center, provide very tangible support for students to improve their writing and presentation skills. As an international student, I am very grateful for these types of support on campus.

Finally, student organizations and alumni associations connect students together and link students to the outside world. I am personally very interested in engaging with people through student organizational activities. These activities offer a great platform for networking, engagement and exchange of ideas. Current students, like myself, can learn so much from the experience of other students and graduates.

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Junzhe Cui

Junzhe (Daniel) Cui is a Naveen Jindal School of Management student enrolled in the MS in Accounting Cohort program. Read more articles

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